Southern Italian cuisine
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Southern Italian cuisine: products that are worth trying

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«Region by region the best dishes of Southern Italian cuisine, between inimitable flavors and exquisite dishes. From Molise to Sicily here’s what you can not miss and what you must try absolutely»

Gastronomically, Italy means pasta, ice cream and pizza that, although very ancient, they always get a lot of success. In particular, if we speak of Southern Italy, food for the South is a real obsession, because “eating” is much more than a moment of just eating, it is a moment of sharing. We have selected some of the typical dishes of the Southern Italian cuisine that are definitely worth trying. Here’s a list, divided by regions.

«Italian cuisine has become famous thanks to the emigrants, thanks to our ancestors who had to emigrate due to wars, famines or lack of work. There were those who went to America, Australia, bringing with them the products and traditions of their land: oil, tomatoes, cheese and salami: the famous “cardboard suitcase”. This was the real fortune of the Italian cuisine»
Carlo Cracco


The region’s very particular geographical position is also reflected in the kitchen. In the innermost part of the region dishes based on pork and local sausages prevail, while in the coastal part it’s the dishes based on fish, risottos and soups that dominate. The typical Molise dishes are: fascadiellepolenta topped with ragu and cheese sauce, pasta with breadcrumbs, oil, garlic and parsley. Typical of this region is the pork meat, accompanied by peppers or lamb’s leg stuffed with lard, oil, garlic, salt and parsley. For seafood dishes, the specialty is fried cod, cooked in the oven with potatoes. The famous desserts throughout the region are the caucini, stuffed with chickpea dough and peccellate, stuffed with jam. If you want to get a taste of the southern Italian cuisine, a trip to Molise is necessary!


has over three hundred traditional food products. When we talk about this region we immediately think of pizza,  the “Margherita” in particular, which takes its name from Queen Margherita di Savoia, in honor of whom it was created with three-colored ingredients in 1889. Pasta is also emblematic of Naples, at least as much as the Vesuvius, the gulf or the sun. But the Campania cuisine is not only made of these two flavors, the region is full of excellent products, just think of the oil, the buffalo mozzarella, the Neapolitan ragout, the peppery mussels, the  calzone, the pizza with escarole and savory cakes. As a first course a classic of southern cuisine is pasta and potatoes flavored with tomatoes and pork fat. Naturally, fish soups are not lacking, like the one accompanying paccheri, which is made with local fish and clam soup. In terms of meat, the offer ranges from stuffed chops, from lamb to goat. It ends with the inevitable Babà al rum, the sfogliatelle, the torta caprese, the struffoli and the pastiera. The southern Italian cuisine is in paradise here!




Is distinguished by the fact that all ingredients aim to enhance, and not alter, the flavors of both land and sea that characterize this area. The main property of the dishes of the Apulian cuisine is that they vary according to the season, during the spring and the summer they prefer the vegetables and the fish, while during the autumn and the winter the legumes predominate, the homemade pasta seasoned with sauces, alone or with vegetables or fish. The most common dishes are orecchiette with turnip topscavatelli with mussels and baked rice from Bari, seasoned with potatoes and mussels. Among the typical products we still find the podolico caciocavallo, burrata, ricotta, mozzarella. For desserts, the most famous are the bocconotti, filled with honey jam or chocolate, and the Canosa sfogliatelle. A delightful example of the southern Italian cuisine.



Is characterized by a cuisine rich in flavors and traditions. Also known by its original name of Lucania, it dominates in terms of land and meat products, while fish is almost completely absent. The predominant flavors are those of the focaccia materana, vegetable calzone, pasta with Lucanian sauce, lentil soup, baked aubergines and the bread of Matera, to then finish with the sweet salty cake.


Offers a genuine and spicy cuisine that reflects the values ​​and characteristics of this region, in which the production of oil is particularly important, thanks to the high quantity of olive groves in the area. Among the specialties of the Calabrian cuisine there are meatballs and the capretto in terms of meat and stocco, cod and swordfish in terms of fish. For the cured meats that constitute a strong point of the Calabrian gastronomy, we mention soppressata, capicollo, sausage, pancetta and nduja. Impossible not to mention the spicy pepper and the red onions of Tropea. Bergamot and citron predominate among citrus fruits , which are also used for the production of liqueurs and syrups. Among the desserts, nougat and zeppole.


Offers flavors rich in flavors of Greek cuisine, combined with the spicy smells of North Africa. The most common dishes are: pasta with sardines, sandwich with spleen, arancini, pecorino cheese, Sicilian provola and the typical Sicilian side orange salad. Also famous in all the world are desserts, including: Sicilian cassata and cannoli. Sicily is also the land of the pistachio of Bronte and of the chocolate of Modica. You cannot speak of southern Italian cuisine until you have gone to Sicily.


The cuisine is considered to be part of the Mediterranean diet, varied and diversified, ranging from roasted meats, wines and cheeses to seafood and land dishes. Among the typical flavors there are: malloreddus (semolina gnocchetti with saffron), culurgiones  (fagottini with ricotta and mint), gallurese soup, Sardinian bread with pecorino cheese in the broth, as second course: porceddu (suckling pig, 3-4 years) on the spit. Carasau bread is also typical. We also find desserts made with fresh cheese and ricotta and amaretti.


Argia Renda 

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