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The most famous and best Italian recipes in the world

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«Art, culture, fashion and above all good food. Among the excellences that Italy exports abroad there is also good food, and more specifically, dream recipes that everyone tries to emulate. Today we will show you the best Italian recipes you can find»

Italy, as far as quality, taste and tradition of good food are concerned, is second to none. The Belpaese, in fact, is a great exporter of food, drink and culinary traditions. Among the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world, however, some shine particularly bright.

Pasta takes the first place among the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world

Of course, speaking of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is pasta. The Bel Paese is the leading producer, exporter and, above all, consumer of pasta. There are more than 300 formats and the preparations to which it divinely lends itself to are endless. It can be said that every Italian family has its own recipes based on pasta, it is a versatile ingredient that can be seasoned and be delicious in any way. However there are some cornerstones of the tradition, unbeatable and handed down for centuries and still very much appreciated.

Among the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world of pasta, we find:

  • The carbonara, with eggs and bacon or jowl, the eternal debate that divides carbonara cooks
  • The rich Bolognese ragù, with minced meat, mirepoix and tomato sauce
  • The amatriciana, exclusively with pork cheek
  • The simple and classic spaghetti with tomato and basil, an symbol of Italy and colored exactly like the flag

There are, however, many other pasta dishes that are famous, copied and reproduced all over the world, trying to steal the secrets of Italian cuisine! A special mention goes to fresh egg pasta. The fresh pasta is typical of Emilia Romagna, where the art of the draft of the pastry is sacred and precious today. The recipes based on fresh pasta are however known, prepared, cooked and appreciated throughout the peninsula. The lasagne, for example,  are certainly positioned among the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world but, above all, more copied, often with debatable results… The traditional lasagna is made up of sheets of egg pasta, rigorously pulled by hand, alternated with a delicious, rich and succulent Bolognese sauce, embellished with spinach mozzarella and pulverized parmigiano reggiano. In some versions ricotta is added directly to the meat sauce.

Other excellent and delicious dishes based on fresh handmade pasta, typical of the Emilia-Romagna tradition in particular, but known and appreciated almost everywhere, are:

  • Tortellini or tortelli, depending on their size, to cook pure or enriched with fillings. Among the most famous ingredients for the filling: the combination with ricotta and spinach, raw ham or pumpkin
  • Ravioli, squares of pasta filled with meat, lean meat or vegetables
  • Cappelletti, fresh pasta with a simple egg, to taste, traditionally, in broth

One of the most famous and best Italian recipe in the world is pizza

Like pasta, pizza remains a historical and universal symbol of Italianness. The pizza was born in Naples, the classic Margherita, offered to the Queen, perfumed and colored like the tricolor: white pasta, red sauce and green basil. The true Neapolitan pizza, then, is the simple Margherita cooked in a wood oven, thin but pasty, round, topped with genuine local ingredients of the highest quality. Over time, however, endless recipes and combinations of flavors have been created and invented to make pizzas richer and richer.

Some classic pizzas of the Italian tradition, well known and also offered abroad, are:

  • The four seasons, divided into four slices, each seasoned with typical ingredients of a season of the year
  • The capricciosa, very rich, with ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, artichokes and tomato
  • The marinara, very simple and light, only with tomato and garlic
  • The most common combinations are: ham and mushrooms, four cheeses, sausages.

To finish we have the desserts, among the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world

It should not be forgotten that Italy also boasts an excellent culture and pastry tradition. Italian desserts have, like other traditional dishes, become true references for pastry shops all over the world. A special mention goes to three desserts typical of Campania in general and Naples in particular, and they are known all over the world: sfogliatelle, pastiera and babà. The first are special crunchy brioches stuffed with semolina and ricotta, the second is a cake made of cooked wheat and orange flavor and the third is a pastry soaked in rum and sugar.

A special mention also goes to Sicilian specialties, in particular to cannoli and cassata. Cannoli are fried dough pads filled with ricotta cream and candied fruit, while the cassata is mainly based on sugar, very sweet and crumbly. Finally, among the specialties listed as the most famous and best Italian recipes in the world we cannot exclude the Italian meringue, a processing based on sugar and egg whites that is the basis of the whole world of pastries.

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