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Where to eat in Naples: a list of the recommended addresses for true gourmets

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«A beautiful city, with centuries of history behind and submerged in a unique atmosphere, which immediately makes you think of Italy. As if it weren’t enough, here you can also eat tremendously well, but as long as you know the right places… Here, then, is a list with the best places where to eat in Naples. .»

 “Ma tu vulive a pizz a pizz a pizz ca’ pummarola ngopp ca pummarola ngopp” (but you wanted the pizza pizza pizza with tomato on top, with the tomato on top): I couldn’t avoid mentioning at least one old Neapolitan song to tell you about Neapolitan flavors and aromas. Orienting you on where to eat in Naples is very easy. The Neapolitan cuisine is varied and abundant!

Neapolitan cuisine is considered one of the best Italian cuisines abroad. And not just for pizza! If you go from Naples it’s impossible not to eat or to stay fasting. The scent that reaches your nose while walking through the alleys will make you hungry already. Pizza, pasta, fish, mozzarella, sfogliatelle, panzerotti… Welcome to the paradise of taste buds!

Pizza a metro da Gigino

Born in the ’30s by the well-known Gigino, real name Luigi Dell’Amura, the pizza by meter comes from the need to serve more customers at the table, in the shortest time possible. From a small shop in the villages of Naples, which has now become the University of pizza, famous also abroad, is the only school in which aspiring pizza chefs can learn the true ancient art of the trade. Today it is one of the places of worship where to eat pizza Margherita in Naples, the classic pizza created specifically in honor of the Queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia. The main ingredients are flour, mozzarella, tomato and basil. Here you can eat the real Neapolitan pizza margherita.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Let’s continue on our journey to discover where to eat in Naples. Considered the sacred place of pizza, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele has become famous all over the world in the film Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts. Since 1870 Michele Condurro delights the palates of all the Neapolitans and of many tourists on holiday. In 2012 he exported the two classic variations of Neapolitan pizza, Margherita and Marinara. Abroad, the Michele brand is exported all over the world. There are also offices in Rome, Florence, Milan, London, Barcelona and even in Tokyo. The secret of this pizza is the leavening of pasta, in addition to natural ingredients without the addition of “papocchie“, substances that alter the taste and genuineness on pizza, so called by the master pizza maker.

Zì Teresa

Next on our list of where to eat in Naples, comes a unique venue with a unique back story. On the sea of ​​Naples, for the most refined palates and to eat the most delicious dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine, is the Ristorante di Zi Teresa. The legend tells of a child born from a fisherman who worked aboard a Bourbon ship; the child, named Teresa, sold taralli along with the fisherman dad, who soon lost his job immediately after her birth. Whilst selling taralli, she fell in love with an officer and got married. Many children were born, but unfortunately Teresa lost them in war, together with her husband. Having become a widow, she went to live with her cousin, where she began to cook for her grandchildren. The fragrances of her dishes invaded Borgo Marinari. So what were a couple of tables set up outside for passersby started to grow day by day. From that day she became Zì Teresa, as her nephews and all her clients called her. Success was immediate. Polipetti alla Luciana, spaghetti with clams, zeppolelle and many other fragrant dishes full of flavor are still today the testimony of the love that she puts in his kitchen. Those fragrances even reached the New York Times, which photographed her with the most famous characters in the world, from Churcill to Pirandello. In 1953 she passed away, leaving behind Neapolitan fragrances and flavors, which are still unique and precious today.

For all lovers of street food, below you can find all the addresses where to eat take away delicacies in Naples.

Friggitoria Vomero

For lovers of fried food, Friggitoria Vomero in the historic Piazza Fuga is one of the most renowned places. Since 1939, the Acunzo family has been cooking fried pizzelle, pasta cresciuta, crocchè, panzerotti, zeppole and fried vegetables. Excellent quality at a low price! With only 20 cents a piece, you have the best taste ever.

La Devozione

Already the name (devotion) suggests an immense love, La Devozione is the most famous spaghetti with tomato and basil take away in Naples. Via Vittorio Emanuele III is the right place where to eat in Naples where you can find the best take away pasta you have ever tasted. This is not the usual pasta but the ancient pasta of Gragnano del Pastificio di Martino, made on the spot with fresh basil leaves and “pummarola” (a type of tomato). A culinary dogma which undoubtedly makes it on our list of where to eat in Naples.

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

I told you about pizza before, but here it is different. Here, at the Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba since 1738, pizza can be found in the pocket format to take away. In Naples, the so-called wallet pizza is widespread, because it folds in two and can be eaten while walking. Obviously it is the softness of the dough and the fresh ingredients of the day that make it unique. One, two, three, you won’t be able to stop eating it! For those who prefer it at the table, you can also enjoy it whilst sitting.

Antico Forno Attanasio

To conclude our journey across the best places where to eat in Naples, we mention the Antico Forno Attanasio, where you can taste the best sfogliatelle you will ever have the pleasure to eat. We’re talking about the icons of Neapolitan culture, also because the recipe of the Neapolitan sfogliatella dates back to 400 years ago! Legend has it that in an old convent of nuns the cook found the semolina cooked in milk and, instead of throwing it away, he threw in dry fruit, sugar and lemon liqueur, making a filling out of it. But what for?? So he made two sheets of dough and put the filling inside. The sheets, in fact, resemble the shape of a nun’s hood. Freshly baked, the perfume flared up. The recipe was then revisited and made better so as to also enchant King Ferdinand of Bourbon. And today they are shipped all over the world.


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