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Our top 5 places where to eat in Florence, at a reasonable price.

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 Curious to find out where to eat in Florence without spending too much? Here are all the places not to be missed in the city

Where to eat in Florence, without spending thousands? This is the most popular question among those who dream of living a low-cost Florence, among dinners in taverns and quick lunches with their eyes on the Arno. Walking through the streets of the Renaissance city par excellence, it is easy to come across the osterie of Florence that offer the best of local cuisine at reasonable prices. In the best restaurants in Florence, in fact, you can find the typical specialties of Florentine cuisine, from the famous steak to the pappa al pomodoro (tomato pappa).

From the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore to the Ponte Vecchio, passing through the Uffizi, the charm of Florence knows no time or barriers: combining the pleasure of the eyes with the pleasure of the palate is the best way to experience the city. Ready to leave? Here’s where to eat in Florence, at a reasonable price.

Trattoria dell’Orto Firenze

A wonderful food shop where taste and tradition meet: all this is the Trattoria dell’Orto in Florence, born from the over forty years experience of the owner Arturo Caminati. Tuscan cuisine is the true workhorse of this restaurant in Florence: here you can always find meat dishes, grilled mixed vegetables and Florentine fries. This restaurant is the best choice if you’re wondering where to eat in Florence spending little money, while enjoying the beautiful setting of the ancient city of Oltrarno. If you’re wondering where to eat in Florence, this is a must.

Trattoria Il Contadino Firenze

For an economic dinner in Florence, the ideal solution is the Trattoria Il contadino, a historic place where the excellent quality-price ratio is a real mantra. Typical Florentine cuisine combined with a warm and familiar atmosphere will really make you feel at home, allowing you to savor the specialties that enhance the local country tradition. In this Florentine inn the cherry on top is the fixed price: if you are looking for a place to eat in Florence with 10 €, know that the first price range at lunch falls fully within this budget.

Amorino – Panino e vino

Amorino is an institution when it comes to quick and low-cost meals. Located in the heart of Florence, a stone’s throw from the Duomo, in this sandwich shop you can find the typical local specialties and the essence of the Florentine DOC. Legendary sandwiches, good wine and cold cuts and cheeses are the jewels of Amorino, a perfect location to eat in Florence at a reasonable price, but with taste.

All’Antico Vinaio

Among the economic trattorias of the Florence city center is All’Antico Vinaio, a must for those looking for a gastronomic journey that involves the best of typical Tuscan products in a festive and cozy atmosphere. Managed by the Mazzanti family since 1991, this taste shop serves the best street food in Italy, enhancing the typical Florentine products of excellence. In short, taste and genuineness blend at the Antico Vinaio, giving life to one of the best low cost restaurants where to eat in Florence.

Osteria i 4 Leoni

Located in the evocative piazza dell’Oltrarno, i 4 Leoni is a historic trattoria perfect for savoring good Tuscan cuisine. Here the traditional dishes are often revisited, offering unique dishes and able to enhance all the flavors of tradition. It’s a perfect location if you are looking to eat a Florentine steak. You will spend a little more but, we assure you, it is absolutely worth it!

Now that we have seen where to eat in Florence at a reasonable price, I leave you with a special tour of the 10 magical places to see in the city .

Jessica Simonetti

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