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Fried cod in Rome: here’s where to eat it

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«The highlight of the Roman fried food is him: the fried cod. Tasty and crisp pasty fillets, to savor not only in pizzerias and trattorias, but also on the street, or even in a gourmet version.»

Along with the supplì, the zucchini flowers and the artichoke alla giudia, the fried cod is a fundamental element of the typical mixed Roman fried food. This Nordic fish arrived on the Italian tables at the time of the Maritime Republics and was found to serve many different purposes in the many regional culinary traditions, especially in Lazio. Not only it is a must on the evening of December 24th, during the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, the fried cod, a typical dish of Roman and Roman-Jewish cuisine, is actually a dish so popular that it is consumed all year round.

Baccalà fritto


Given that every moment is right to taste fried cod, let’s take a look at some places where you can find this delicacy in the capital!

Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara. This is a true institution in Rome. In Largo dei Librari, close to Piazza Campo de ‘Fiori, the Filettaro offers fried cod fillets on the spot, nice and crunchy. The venue is small and spartan, as is the menu that, in addition to fried cod, offers other Roman specialties such as Roman puntarelle, bread with butter and anchovies and beans in oil. A real point of reference for the Romans who love fried cod, who often consume it while walking through the alleys of the city or, side by side, at the tables of the restaurant.

Assaggia. Definitely less Spartan than he previous, this restaurant is located in the central via Margutta. The chef Daniele Ciaccio proposes the typical dishes of the Roman grandmothers, handed down from generation to generation, in a gourmet version. In fact, and amongst other special delicacies, “Assaggia Roma” menu formula offers mini portions of fried cod fillets.

Forno Ciabattini. This is the historic bakery in Rome, located in in the Esquilino area, and it is the reference point for employees at lunch break. In addition to bread, pizza and pastries, it also offers ad hoc fried dishes: cod fillets and exquisite pumpkin flowers.

Pesce fritto e Baccala. This typical Roman trattoria, in the heart of San Lorenzo, does what its name promises. A welcoming and familiar environment that offers all the traditional Roman dishes, where of course you can not miss the fried cod.

Supplizio. This gourmet fry in Rome is the ideal place to stop and savor traditional Roman street food. In addition to tasty supplì, which bring back the flavors of typical Roman dishes, and many other delicacies, Supplizio, in its rustic and welcoming saloon, also offers crispy fried cod fillets.

I fritti de Sora Milvia. At Ponte Milvio you can find all-Roman fast food. Located in one of the main centers of entertainment in the city, this fish and chips shop is able to satisfy all palates, from the most traditional to the most refined. With particular attention to the quality of the products used, Sora Milvia offers the flavors of typical Roman-style fried: artichoke alla giudia, supplì, zucchini flowers and the inevitable fillets of cod.

Mama Eat. In Trastevere the fried cod is also gluten free. Mama Eat is the first restaurant chain that offers all the dishes of the Italian culinary tradition (especially in Naples), without forgetting the needs of coeliacs: with its two chefs and its two separate kitchens, in fact, it manages to satisfy everyone’s palate. In this restaurant the fried cod is found in batter fillet, in small pieces in the classic Neapolitan fried “cuoppo”, or barbecued.

O’ cartoccio. Located between Largo Argentina and Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, it is considered by many to be the “master of baccalà”. A compulsory stop during your walks in the city center: cartons of zucchini, artichokes, anchovies, prawns, squid and cod bites, fried ad hoc, but also pasta dishes and bruschetta with fish.

Freetto. If you are about to take the train and you are captured by an irresistible desire for fried cod, the Roma Termini station terrace hosts Freetto, a chip shop that wins for its attention to the bio regime and the quality of the ingredients used. You cannot miss the supplì, fried gnocchi on Thursdays, zucchini flowers, artichokes and vegetables in batter, when nature offers them to us. Respecting the seasonality and freshness of raw materials, you can find, strictly on Tuesdays and Fridays (when it is found at the market), its majesty the filet of cod, wrapped in crispy batter.

Marcella Scialla

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