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27 May 2017   •   Anita Atzori

Best luxury hotels in Italy: designer hotels are trendy indeed!

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«What about a designer holiday? Travel in luxury tourism among the iconic hotels most representative of fashion in Belpaese. Here the best luxury hotels in Italy.»

It’s really true that fashion has no boundaries. This is certainly what our Italian stylists will have thought before throwing themselves into original and at the same time surprising projects. Not only fine wines, furnishings and cosmetics, but also hotel businesses doing their because they are part of a sector – luxury tourism – always in continuous expansion and innovation. If before the designers were asked to furnish the hotel rooms with their unparalleled signature, for a few years their pen lends itself to much more solid constructions. No more collaborations but real purchases of property where the entrepreneurial spirit and the artistic touch become the most sought-after luxury project. Exclusivity, Made in Italy and attention to detail are the three nuances chosen to ensure real luxury tourism, almost referable to a separate category. There are many names in the fashion industry that have invested in this sector, but Snap Italy today talks to you about the most influential Italian creative geniuses. Here the best luxury hotels in Italy.

It’s called Fendi Private Suites and is without a doubt the temple of luxury of the homonymous brand. Reopened in the historic seat of the Roman Trident, this building houses the biggest boutique of the maison, the famous Japanese restaurant ZUMA, and now, thanks to the work of the architect Marco Costanzo (to whom we owe the new headquarters of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana to the Eur), even the trendiest hotel in the Capital. The stylistic elements are so many, all extremely different and high-level: on the first floor the typical Roman street flooring has been recreated with the same dark red marble of Lepanto used for the store’s staircase. The third floor instead is characterized by a mix of highly sought-after vintage and contemporary objects, where the made in Italy easily stands out. The sofas by the Campana Brothers are definitely a must of this space, even if the rest of the furnishings have been custom-designed by Fendi Casa to respect the main idea, that is to create different environments and never the same; this is also one of the reasons why the suites present in the structure are different from each other. The square footage is quite large, ranging from a minimum of 35 square meters to a maximum of 60, where comfort is certainly not lacking. Who is preparing to stay in these places is certainly part of the so-called luxury tourism, or lovers of fashion and good taste, who can’t give up the beauty even in moments of relaxation and absolute rest. Beauty that can be found everywhere, even in the precious mirrors by Giò Ponti , that best define the style of each room. Comfort is not the only gem here: you also have breathtaking views. Fendi Private Suites offers each customer large windows with slabs of red marble Lepanto, from which you can get lost in the beauty of Largo Goldoni and its surrounding streets. Defining this stay as a holiday seems reductive, so we like to call it “a journey into beauty”. If we talk about the best luxury hotels in Italy, it is impossible to mention it.

In 2011 another project dedicated to luxury tourism was born, not just any hotel, but a building worthy of note both at an architectural and artistic level. Armani Hotels & Resorts, in collaboration with Emaar Properties PJSC, landed in Milan to reinterpret the concept of hospitality and reception. After the hotel in Dubai, located inside the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Armani Hotel Milano can be defined as the concrete representation of a brand that is no longer just fashion, but an actual lifestyle. Powerful and austere like the designer himself, this building embodies an international and minimal touch that has been the characteristic of every creation signed by Giorgio Armani since the 70s. A precise idea of ​​comfort where ostentation leaves room for retreat, and this explains the distribution of the spaces, namely that there are small entrances in every room, so to avoid to exposing the intimacy of the room to the eye. The 95 rooms that stand on Via Manzoni offer various solutions, from the Armani Deluxe, to the Armani Signature to the Armani Presidential, or the suites for excellence. Mini bars, hi-tech systems, closets that disappear into the walls, accentuate the impression of warmth and brightness. Each bathroom, ideally structured for two, offers the best services and the privacy of a shower cabin whose glass allows the view only from the inside towards the outside. All the furnishings of the hotel are the work of the Armani Casa line, a brand that reflects the innovative spirit and the contents of the Armani world. A unique concept of services under the supervision of the lifestyle department completes the Armani Hotel experience. The Lifestyle Managers are in fact the point of reference for customers, because they are committed to satisfying needs and desires with continuous and discreet assistance. They take care of the guest from the moment they book, facilitating every procedure and responding to every need. Lastly, even here you can’t not talk about landscapes: the Duomo and the new skyscrapers seem to find a meeting point with the structure, so close and pleasant as to be lost inside. Like the previous one of the best luxury hotels in Italy

That of luxury tourism is an experience which aims to expand internationally, and therefore throws the hook even in exclusive and off-course locations. This is the case, for example, of the Missoni Hotel in Kuwait City, where Rosita Missoni, wife of Ottavio Missoni, founder of the famous fashion house personally took care of the styling of the hotel, giving the interior that unmistakable pattern typical of their sweaters. From furniture to knick-knacks, everything is reminiscent of the famous Italian label with multi-colored stripes, lights, colors, prints and arabesque mosaics, creating a glamorous universe of “one thousand and one nights”. Definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Italy

In neoclassical style with Arab contaminations, a marvel of luxury and wealth rises in Dubai. Palazzo Versace is the architectural emblem par excellence of the most famous Calabrian fashion brand in the world. Not only that: without a doubt it is one of the best luxury hotels in Italy. The Made in Italy meets the Arab culture, for a total of 215 rooms and 169 residences just 15 minutes away from the Dubai airport. Who chooses Versace’s luxury hotel does so without being scared of living immersed in the glitz, perhaps the most ostentatious of the category; but then who wouldn’t like that?

Anita Atzori

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