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21 June 2018   •   Monica Mariani

Sicilian restaurants: 5 places where you can taste the typical Sicilian flavors in Italy

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«Sicilian restaurant in the North and the Center recommended by Snap Italy, for the lovers of Mediterranean cuisine»

If you are Sicilian but you are far from your land and want to feel “at home”, these Sicilian restaurants are perfect for your lunches and dinners. If you do not know Sicilian cuisine and are curious to discover it, we have the perfect Sicilian restaurant for you … indeed, we have 5

13 Giugno Goldoni

Located in Via Carlo Goldoni, 44, the 13 Giugno Goldoni restaurant   has been in Milan since 1988. The idea of ​​Saverio Dolcimascolo was born from his passion for the Sicilian seafaring cuisine. The recent Bistrot 13 Giugno, specialized in Sicilian dishes and take away, enriches its restaurant work. The flavors and aromas of the sea of ​​the restaurant and bistro give their customers the elegance of the noble Sicilian culinary tradition: tartare, carpaccio, aubergine caponata, sardines and many more. At the end of the meal there are the typical Sicilian sweets, from cassata to cannoli, up to the martorana fruit.


“A corner of the Mediterranean in the heart of Turin”, the Fratò is a sicilian restaurant located in Via Andrea Doria 21B. The chef’s dishes are a gastronomic journey to Sicily. Trofie with pesto, rigatoni alla norma and raw sea are some of the must of the place. Some of the traditional Sicilian dishes are also revisited with creativity, without losing the authenticity of the Mediterranean flavors. Do not miss the classic desserts like ricotta cassata, pistachio tiramisu and chocolate and pistachio semifreddo. Winning place for the quality / price ratio and its elegant design, enriched by the sculptures of the artist Davide Dall’Osso.

L’Angolo di Sicilia

L’Angolo di Sicilia is another sicilian restaurant, located in Via Dardanelli, 19 in the Prati area of Rome.’Mpepata of mussels, fried octopus, pasta’ ncaciata, swordfish “à ghiotta” are just some of the dishes you can taste in this place. To enrich the menu are the homemade sweets including slush, sorbets and traditional cassata with almond, ricotta and candied fruit. The restaurant recalls Sicily not only in traditional cuisine but also in furnishings. The bar counter in the shape of a cart and dishes with Sicilian craft decorations bring the customers closer to the Sicilian traditions.

Siciliainbocca in Prati

Local of the Certo family,  Siciliainbocca in Prati  was founded in 1999 in Rome. Characteristic of the dishes on the menu of this restaurant are the typical flavors of Trinacria. In addition to fresh fish, there is no shortage of traditional ingredients and recipes, such as eggplant rolls, Bronte pistachio or Palermo-style sea bass. To conclude the meal, you can order lots of tasty sweets, such as ricotta and pear cake and almond semifreddo. You can also order your favorite dishes and receive them directly at home, thanks to the home delivery service.

Lumie of Sicily

Pasta alla Norma, swordfish rolls, Sardinian beccafico, and Sicilian cannoli are the specialties of the restaurant Lumie di Sicilia. Located in Via Fratelli Bonnet, 41 in Rome, the restaurant is founded in 2001 by two cousins ​​from Bronte. The menu offer is very varied, always respecting Sicilian cuisine. The dishes are plentiful, but the attention to colors and details remain an absolute prerogative of the chef. Refinement of the flavors and a warm and welcoming environment that will make you feel at ease, as if you were at your table at home.

We showed you 5 Sicilian restaurants that offer among the best business cards to this wonderful land. So: ” Welcome to Sicily “.

Monica Mariani

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