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21 June 2018   •   Monica Mariani

Restaurants with fireplaces: 5 rooms with a warm and welcoming atmosphere

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«Some of the best Italian restaurants with fireplaces, in which to spend a pleasant evening, accompanied by the soft light of the fire. Perfect for the most chilly!»

If you are looking for a place to eat well and spend a relaxing evening, and at the same time managing to shelter from the low temperatures, we have what is right for you. Here are 5 restaurants with fireplaces, recommended by Snap Italy, which will make your evenings perfect. The warm atmosphere and the natural light of the fire in the center of the room, in fact, will make a romantic evening special, a special occasion or an evening with friends.


Tagiura, a Milanese restaurant located in the homonymous street, was founded in 1963 by the 3 Angelotti brothers: Tullia, Eugenio and Rino. The cuisine is rich and ranges with imagination between the Piacenza and Milanese traditions. But to make this restaurant special are the two fireplaces placed in the middle of the two rooms (Sala Rossa and Sala Affresco, ed), fundamental in creating an incredible atmosphere. Of considerable size, they welcome customers and accompany them in magical and warm winter dinners, which make Tagiura one of the best restaurants with a fireplace in Northern Italy.

Ristorante Caminetto Oropa

The Caminetto Oropa Restaurant is located at the  Santuario d’Oropa in Biella, and stands out for its excellent cuisine made with raw materials of the highest level. Characterized by dishes made with products from local farms, and therefore at km 0, it offers traditional recipes of local and Piedmontese origin. However, there is no lack of reinterpretations of national cuisine, declined in a definitely more modern key. The fireplace, in the center of the room, gives the restaurant a mix of taste, elegance and familiarity. A perfect place for those who prefer quality raw materials, at the same time it is the ideal choice for those looking for warm and welcoming restaurant with a fireplace, able to evoke the atmosphere of their own home.

ristoranti con camino

Il picchio rosso

” …for a touch of delicacy and extra elegance “: It is not a simple effect phrase but the motto of the spouses Arianna and Toni, who for 25 years run Il Picchio Rosso, a restaurant located on the Cassia, a few km from the center of Rome. The structure, immersed in the tranquility of the countryside and treated in detail, welcomes customers in two rooms, both with a fireplace. One in the main hall and one in the smallest and most intimate room, perfect for couples dinners. The seasonal menu, the homemade pasta and the soft and romantic atmosphere, are perfect for those who want a quiet evening, away from the chaos of the city.

Trattoria del contadino

Immersed in the Tuscan countryside the Trattoria del contadino is perfect for those who want to rediscover the flavors of the past, full of carefree and joy. The fireplace, located in the center of the room, is perfect for any type of event, and the personalized menus will make you feel as if you were at home, eating your favorite dish in the company of loved ones. Surely one of the best italian restaurants with fireplaces.

Trattoria del contadino

La Pobbia 1850

The Anzaghi family has been passionately managing La Pobbia for over 80 years, and has created a refined and elegant restaurant that is very popular in Milan. Heated in winter by the large fireplaces and immersed in a corner of green that makes you forget that you are in the city, the restaurant is divided into several large rooms. Each one characterized by particular and refined atmospheres, architectural elements and furnishings. The reassuring atmosphere and the typical Milanese cuisine make it one of the most long-lived and appreciated restaurants in Lombardy. Attentive and attentive to customer needs, it is the perfect place to fight cold winter evenings.

La Pobbia 1850

If you’re thinking “I need a restaurant with fireplace near me!” then you have your perfect spots!

Monica Mariani

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