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26 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Pubs showing football in Rome… Are you ready for some fun?

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«Today we talk about some of the most suitable pubs in Rome where to cheer your favorite team on TV with a good beer in your hands. Read on for a list of the 5 pubs showing football in the Capital»

would not be late for anything in the world. By now, however, the only Sunday afternoon shift is pure utopia. You always play at times that are unthinkable, times when it is often difficult for the general public to be at home, sitting on their chairs, with a bottle of beer in their hands. In these situations of extreme discomfort for the great fans, pubs in Rome where you can watch football on TV, cheer, eat, drink and exult without restrictions come to your rescue. The important thing is to keep up to date. Consult the sites and social pages of the premises in question to find out the schedule of games broadcast by Sky, Mediaset Premium and foreign channels. We have decided to suggest 5 pubs showing football in Rome, where you can chill and enjoy the show on TV.

Abbey Theatre

Here is one of the most famous pubs in Rome. The Abbey Theater Irish pub is located a few steps from the magnificent baroque Piazza Navona. Located in one of the busiest areas of Rome, it represents a slice of Ireland in Italy. The pub is named after the renowned Irish theater, founded by William Butler Yeats and Lady Gregory. The costumes of the theater of the abbey have been used in furnishing, giving the pub a very special atmosphere. The six areas of the restaurant, fully air-conditioned, are spread over two floors. A wide range of Irish whiskeys, cocktails and long drinks are offered, as well as Irish beers on tap, including, of course, the famous Guinness. The Abbey Theater also offers Irish, Italian and international cuisine all day every day. Inside the room there are 14 screens, on which you can watch football on TV. Surely, beetween pubs showing football, Abbey Theatre is one of the most important.


Second on our list of pubs showing football in Rome is a paradise for those who love the combination of beer, pizza and good taste in general. Born in December 2016, Be.Re is a recent project and at the same time one of the most important places in Rome, both in terms of concept and size. On the one hand, for craft beer, there is the hand of Emanuele Colonna from Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa ‘, on the other there is Trapizzino; on one side the huge counter, with 23 ways for tapping, on the other the point where to order the filled bag of wonders signed by Stefano Callegari. The second floor is all dedicated to the tables. A lot of space for Italian beers, especially those of the territory, of Rome and Lazio, and also some goodies: Belgian style lambic and Franconian beers tapped in a barrel. There is no shortage of large screens for the screening of the best football on Italian and international TV. On the pub’s Facebook page you can find the updates on the games transmitted from time to time.



Another amongst the best pubs in Rome where to enjoy and cheer your favorite team is the Draft. Here the products are all from the house: 15 beers on tap, as many drinks – always stapled – and distilled. If the quality of what you drink is not enough for you, there are four other goodies to highlight: the drinking glasses that are jars – not a habit but an old tradition in the States -, a stock price list where the prices of drinks raise or lower, a menu for food consisting of the take away neighbors that bring you food directly to the table, and maxi TV screens for football in heavy rotation.


Four Green Fields

Here’s another pub showing football in Rome. Inside the room you can see paintings and elements of furniture in the world of beers that alone are able to express the history of the place and the beers themselves. The Four Green Fields was born over 30 years ago, on the remains of an “osteria con cucina” (tavern with a kitchen). In 1980 the first typical wooden pub counter (counter still present) appeared and so did the passion for Ireland of the first three founders (Francesco, Stefano and Marco). This, coupled with some works on the “street level”, allowed the opening of one of the first Irish Pubs in Rome, which, with its 70 seats, is a historic venue and meeting point in the heart of the Prati district.

Today the Four Green Fields has over 200 seats. You can eat in every corner of the room, even on the counter, and with more time compared to a standard dinner. Cocktails are the highlight, as is live music. Inside the pub televisions to watch football matches were inserted, and they were among the first in Rome to subscribe to the Bar subscriptions. The combination of game, beer, steaks, sandwiches and socializing thanks to a common passion, allowed, and it still allows Four Green Fields, to confirm itself again as a meeting point for thousands of patrons with ages ranging between 18 and 80 years old.



The last of our pubs showing football in Rome is Shamrock. Since 1999 it has become a large family that grows every day and always welcomes new faces. It has an important selection of draft beers of national and international origin as well as whiskey, rum and spirits for all tastes. You will find a wide range of cocktails and a careful selection of spirits for the most refined palates and over ten types of sandwiches for all tastes, carnivores and not. You will also find salads, various snacks and Pork Ribs in Guinness sauce for the bravest. And for sports enthusiasts, this is a magical place: 3 rooms, 9 televisions and more than 300 scarves from all over the world. To be tried absolutely.

Chiara Rocca

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