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22 June 2018   •   Anita Atzori

Italian jewelry: do you know which ones are the most expensive?

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«Luxury jewelry and good taste: the description of Italian jewelry. When prestige brings the class of made in Italy and the bank account of the most powerful…read on to see what the result is»

Whether you want luxury jewels or not, they are one of the most popular passions for the star system and for lovers of fine jewelry When it’s Italian jewelry then the stakes are even higher… This is an ostentation that often defines social etiquette, or simply the economic success of a person within the various professional fields. Luxury jewels attract and are worn by everyone, from the showgirls who are just over 18, to women over 50, eager to show the world around how a diamond can give value to hands unknown until then.

Luxury jewels are fame, personal claim, prestige, but also synonymous with guarantee; a guarantee made not only of sparkles, but also of workers that are sometimes unobtainable, and sometimes enclosed in a peninsula called Italy. Scholars affirm that the desire to possess priceless jewels is the result of a culture of luxury spread all over the world, especially in Europe and the United Arab Emirates, which would represent the strength and the desire for a social redemption by both the female and male gender, until now unrepresented. In the luxury culture the woman usually defines her position through various types of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces and rings. When it comes to men, instead, the most sublime and representative manifestation is without a doubt the watch. So let’s see what’s the most expensive Italian luxury jewelry ever.



BVLGARI – Founded in 1884, it is one of the most important and famous Italian luxury jewelry brands. Bvlgari jewels originate in Rome, and have always been a fusion between past and future, through the variegated mix of stones, diamonds and innovative styles. Good taste is at home in the Roman maison, considering that the bold shapes and the bright colored gems were also the luxury jewels favored by many American stars and more. One of the most expensive pieces of the brand is the Blue Diamond, this unique ring consisting of two diamonds, a blue triangular-shaped one of 10.95 carats, and a colorless one of 9.87 carat, which was sold in 2010 for 15.7 million dollars. One of the most appreciated styles by Bvlgari customers is undoubtedly the Moneta: the celebration of the artistic and historical heritage of Greek and Roman derivation, revisited in a luxuriant way by the maison with inserts and decorative motifs of the highest quality. We also have Serpente, the most seductive and feminine style of the entire company, which is based on Greek mythology and dedicates luxury jewelry to all those women who can not give up charm and exclusive products. Bvlgari is definitely the epitome of Italian jewelry.


Buccellati – A Historical brand of Italian luxury jewelry, Buccellati was born in Milan in 1919 and it became famous all over the world for the quality of its gold. The designers Buccellati design their luxury jewelry with a high class that also gives the product that touch that is very similar to fabrics and fine fabrics. Gianmaria Buccellati (one of the four brothers of the same family) was the first Italian to open a jewelry shop in Paris in the prestigious Place Vendome.


Damiani – Made in Italy excellence bears the signature of Damiani. This historic luxury jewelry brand of 1924 is the story of a brand that has been able to celebrate the craft profession in a marketing and production strategy now exemplary for all companies in the luxury sector. It is in the 80s that we can celebrate the explosive boom of Damiani, also due to the international branches and the opening of numerous boutiques in the most important cities in the world. This Italian jewelry not only represents the typical Made in Italy style, given by the elegance and prestige of the materials, but also the memory and symbol of a family – that of Enrico Grassi – extremely linked to the production and culture of diamonds. It is said that showgirl Belen Rodriguez, in her former wedding with Stefano De Martino (the dancer from the show Amici by Maria De Filippi), has relied on this fashion house for the choice of their wedding rings.

Anita Atzori

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