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17 July 2018   •   Snap Italy

Italian fashion brands, here are 5 amazing brands that you did not think were Italian

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«There are dozens of Italian fashion brands that mislead consumers due to their name, but were born in and produce products in Italy.»

Many fashion brands, new and old, have names that are unlikely to be associated with Italian businesses and products. Whether it’s due to a fascination with the exotic, which has always been an attraction to consumers, or simply for the commodity of the brand, it happens more and more often that brands choose to use names with a more or less veiled foreign taste. There are many examples that could be cited. Here is a surprising and unexpected list with some of the best Italian fashion brands.

Daddy & Son

A business born in Salento in 1995, from the ideas of Cosimo and Vincenzo Scialpi (father and son). In almost twenty years of activity, this fashion brand has conquered the national market of men’s and women’s shirt stores. An important aspect of their business is the use of fine quality fabrics and yarns, from cotton to linen, to create the most fashionable pieces. The company philosophy is to make the shirt to focal point of the outfit, an essential piece that must best dress the various social identities, from manager, to young student, to entrepreneur.

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Italian fashion brands for young: Antony Morato

One of the best italian fashion brandvery new brand, born in 2007, by the work of Lello Caldarelli, president and creative director. The collection includes, clothes, accessories, and leather goods. Targeted primarily towards a young clientele that is interested in good clothes, the line has a cosmopolitan mood, still holding tightly to the roots of Italian style. The brand had a rapid development, it is sold in over 3200 stores in over 70 countries. It is certainly one of the brands that has received the most success in the smallest amount of time in history.

 Italian Fashion brand

Harmont & Blaine

Not everyone will know that the dachshund label is completely Italian. Founded in 1986 by Domenico and Enzo Menniti with their associates Paolo and Massimo Montefusco, in its first years, this company was dedicated to the production of gloves and ties. In 1995, the first complete collection of men’s clothing was launched, becoming a benchmark for Mediterranean style and its position in the luxury market. Harmont & Blaine represents an extremely dynamic business in the world of informal fashion. Society changes and, with it, lifestyle changes. Lifestyles change; leading to a continuous evolution of the brand, which continues to establish itself for its excellent quality and youthful style.

italian fashion brands


Among the Italian fashion brands one of the oldest Colmar was started in 1923 when Mario Colombo founded a production plant for felt hats, gaiters, and work clothes in Monza. At the end of the war the children gave a boost to the company by specializing in the production of the necessary items for the new sport that was gaining popularity during those years: skiing. The company was picked to dress Italian the ski team for the Olympics in 1952. The collaboration with the Italian Winter Sports Federation meant that Colmar would be in charge of national Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, bobsled and sledging teams for the next four decades. Since then, the company has diversified its production by focusing on casual and fashion garments with the Colmar Originals line.

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The name recalls the “British” atmosphere, but this leader in the clothing sector has an Italian soul. The history of Jeckerson started with the brilliant idea of Carlo Chionna, passionate golfer, who was searching for a way to dry his hands before a swing, he created pants with leather (or chamois) inserts under the pockets. Since 1995 this brand has quickly spread to the fashion world, distinguishing itself thanks to the now famous inserts under the pockets. Today, in addition its classic lines for men and women, the J Jeckerson line (jeans) and the Jeckerson Sunglasses line were born.

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Cristina Florence Galati

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