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04 July 2018   •   Redazione

Art galleries in Rome: from the most classic to the most innovative

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«Here is a list of the Top-5 art galleries in Rome to absolutely visit: different, original, innovative or classic, you will see how also for the art world, the choice in the capital is really wide!»

The capital is one with art, culture and beauty… this is why the art galleries in Rome are many and extraordinary. With their exhibitions and their unique pieces they will transport you in a timeless artistic journey, ideal for those who want to paint, sculpture, design, etc., but also for those who simply want to get closer to art. Because it is known that art it is for everyone, especially in Rome, the place where culture and artistic beauty swarm more than in any other place.

It would be an impossible task to talk about all the art galleries in Rome. For this reason Snap Italy, leaving out the very famous ones like the National Gallery, offers 5 wonderful art galleries in Rome, from the most innovative to the most classic, but all equally able to arouse unique emotions thanks to their exhibitions and pieces.

RvB Arts

In via delle Zoccolette, in the pure heart of Rome, stands RvB Arts, an exhibition space designed by Michele Von Büren to promote Accessible Art, that is, affordable art for everyone from an economic point of view, presented in a fun and informal way to be disclosed as much as possible. And the message that art should be for everyone is an important message that RvB takes on, and that really makes it honorable. The art and works of emerging talents scouted by Michele are for all budgets, for the connoisseurs who seek promising young artists, but also for customers who simply love art and want to enjoy it even if they do not have extensive knowledge of it. Surely all this makes RvB Arts one of the most innovative art galleries in Rome.

Until September 22nd you will have the opportunity to go to the MANI exhibition, an acronym of Dexterity-Harmony-Narration-Italian. This exhibition seeks to create an identity focused on young artists who refer to the roots of the Italian artistic tradition and its crafts. Among the artists chosen by the talented Michele are Lorenzo Bruschini, Lucianella Cafagna, Bato and Andrea Gallo just to name a few


Galleria Russo

Not far from the magnificent Piazza di Spagna stands the Russo Gallery, present in the capital for 120 years. Galleria Russo was first established as an antique gallery in Via del Babuino by Pasquale Addeo, after which his son-in-law Franco Russo carried on the business and his brothers Ettore and Antonio opened a new office in Piazza di Spagna. In a short time it became one of the most prestigious art galleries in Rome so as to establish privileged relationships with very important painters, such as Giorgio de Chirico. Today the activity is carried on by Franco’s nephew.

Galleria Russo is a real point of reference for Italian art: this exhibition space deals especially with Italian painting of the twentieth century, but is also interested in young contemporary artists who seek to emerge. Do not miss the exhibition Duilio Cambellotti: myth, dream and reality, organized by Galleria Russo in a very special location: the museums of Villa Torlonia. Another very interesting initiative is the collaboration with the Elizabeth Unique Hotel, a five-star concept hotel recently opened in Via delle Colonnette, about 200 meters from the showroom, where there are works by young artists of the Gallery, and which opened on June 7th.

Galleria Varsi

In Via di Grotta Pinta, near Campo dè Fiori stands Galleria Varsi, one of the most youthful art galleries in Rome and open to contemporary artists. A very young gallery, born 5 years ago from an idea by Massimo Scrocca, it explores the urban art, the expressions and emotions of its artists, promoting as much as possible Roman and Italian public art. Galleria Varsi is a very special exhibition space, and defining it as a simple gallery is really reductive: in fact, those hosted here are not simply exhibitions, but real worlds, universes in which the viewer, and primarily the artist, feel free to be themselves.

The artist who exhibits at Galleria Varsi is completely free: in fact, internal installations are made for each exhibition, which create different thoughts and emotions each time. Here the creations of some of the best international and italian urban artists, are hosted, and Galleria Varsi has also produced public works in various Roman districts, such as Torpignattara, with the support of the Municipality of Rome and the inhabitants of the area. Galleria Varsi is certainly one of the most suitable art galleries in Rome for young people, ideal to bring even those who do not understand it too much, to a wonderful world, that of urban art, which now, with the numerous murals in Rome and in all our cities, is always under our eyes, and luckily I would say!

Honos Art

In Via dei Delfini there is a wonderful contemporary art gallery, Honos Art, a true testimony of how art can be innovative and look to the future. In fact, Honos Art also presents an online space where they sell contemporary works, from painting to sculpture, from ceramics to jewelery, thus becoming an online art gallery for all purposes. Honos Art is one of the most deserving art galleries in Rome because it manages to blend the liveliness and passion of young artists with the experience and mastery of the most established artists. There is a lot of attention to creativity, which is essential to ensure that the client / collector enjoys excellent fruition.

Worthy of note is the exhibition Dualismo Convergente, which debuted on June 6: the artists Massimo Luccioli and Nuria Torres, coming from two generations and different paths, will compete in the world of contemporary ceramic sculpture. Many works are carried out with four hands: you will be amazed to see how two artists so far away can still meet in perfect harmony, while keeping their own unique style.

Galleria dei Coronari

In Via dei Coronari, a few steps from Piazza Navona, there are the two headquarters of the homonymous art gallery, founded 25 years ago by three partners: a mathematician, an art historian and an archaeologist. These three branches of culture blend together giving rise to one of the most prestigious and rich art galleries in Rome, specialized above all in antiques.

Galleria dei Coronari, in fact, since its inception, likes to take part in the most important antique fairs and exhibitions in Italy, such as the exhibition of the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, Assisi Antiquariato and the Parma Fair. The gallery offers antiques, non-italian and italian ceramics, candlesticks, paintings, engravings and sculptures, which are an inestimable artistic heritage. Moreover, in addition to the two offices in via dei Coronari, this gallery also has a show room in via Margutta, near Piazza di Spagna.


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