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21 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Italian star: how celebrity celebrate his VIP birthday

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«VIP birthdays are among the most beautiful and exaggerated parties of all time, those that everyone would want to organize once in a lifetime. Read on to discover how italian star celebrate his birthday.»

How many times, flipping through the newspaper or on the internet, we stumbled upon photos from VIP birthdays? For example those celebrated by Italian star? The answer is obvious: all the time! And yes, because celebrities not only choose to lead lavish lives, but they also love to celebrate, especially when they are the protagonists; and suddenly social media are fill up with parties in style, decorations, high calibre guests, screaming scenery, huge cakes and perfect locations, as in the case of the “eternal city”. But lets’ not get distracted by appearances, there is also the possibility of organizing birthday parties in Rome which are less pompous yet of great charm, like the VIP Birthdays, perhaps inspired by a four-layer cake, just like that of the stars.

Francesco Totti

Let’s get back to the main theme, VIP birthdays; we all remember the mega party for the 40th birthday of Italian star Francesco Totti, on September 27th, 2016, a whole day of celebrations made unique by the party organized at the Castle of Tor Crescenza in Rome: 400 guests in evening dresses and tuxedoes, intent on enjoying caviar and champagne. Key featurs of the night? A lot fun and no mobile phones. And in terms of nothing is as it seems, the real gift requested by the Pupone was for people to give to charity: all the guests donated a sum of money through an Iban made known by Ilary Blasi, organizer of the evening as well as wife of the former AS Roma Captain.

Valeria Marini

We continue our series of Italian stars and their VIP birthdays with that of Valeria Marini, who turned 50 more or less a year ago, for which she organized a “stellar” party. The exceptional location was Palazzo Dama, on the Lungotevere in Rome, and it was attended by friends, family and other guests; the showgirl arrived at the party with a shimmering and transparent mini-dress and was overwhelmed by a tide of flowers, which accompanied her evening all the way until the cut of the heart shaped cake, a detail that has not betrayed her style, despite the half century she carries on her shoulders. A significant success for her, who now dreams of becoming a mother.

Gina Lollobrigida

Still on the subject of Italian stars and their VIP birthdays, we turn the page to Gina Lollobrigida, who turned 90 in Jul last year, cutting the cake and partying in Via Condotti in Rome, which was covered with a 200 meter long red carpet for the occasion; the actress, despite the age, remains more fascinating than ever, a true symbol of Italian cinema, who has also marked an era with her out of the ordinary aesthetic canons. Recently inserted into the walk of the Walk of Fame, she still remains surprised by the affectionate crowd who rushed to congratulate her.

Federica Panicucci

For those looking for other scenarios, perhaps outside the capital, there is no problem. Also in this case the Italian stars from the showbiz are not lacking anything, and their VIP birthdays are quite spectacular. To attract our attention, for example, is Federica Panicucci, host of the Mattino 5 TV programme, who also turned 50 on 27th October. She celebrated in the luxurious property provided by Silvio Berlusconi, Villa Gernetto, in the province of Monza, near Arcore. To make her party unique, it was not just her wonderful wisteria-colored dress by Gran Soiree, but also the numerous guests between friends and colleagues, in addition of course to the children and the partner with whom she has been a fixed couple since the end of her wedding.


Now we get to two Italian stars and their VIP birthdays. In October, always in Milan, it was Fedez’s turn to make our eyes widen. For his 28 years, the rapper organized a wonderful party at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, spending the evening in the presidential suite with friends. Key elements were rivers of champagne, pools full of inflatables, personalized cakes and karaoke until dawn. In the front row of course was his girlfriend, and now the mother of the already famous Leone Lucia, Chiara Ferragni, also a veteran of a luxurious party for her 30th birthday in Milan in May; the fashion blogger, who arrived at the party in a mini-dress, among blow-ups and rivers of champagne, made all of her followers participate in the event through social stories.

Renzo Rosso

We finish with out last Italian star and his VIP birthday. We’re talking about Renzo Rosso, the patron of Diesel, who celebrated his 62 years with friends and family, including colorful tractors, barns, luxury saloons, all accompanied by champagne and music that made everyone dance. The creator of the most fashionable jeans, considered one of the richest men in Italy, chose Diesel Farm in Marostica, in the province of Vicenza, as his location.

Argia Renda

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