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Best ice cream in Naples: the top 5 gelato places, in true Neapolitan style

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«In this summer heat, the desire for ice cream is just around the corner. Today Snap Italy takes you to the world of ice creams, to discover some of the best places where to find the best ice cream in Naples, with tasty and original specialties »

After seeing the best ice cream parlors in Rome and Milan, we move to Campania to discover the top 5 of the best ice cream in Naples. Venues with a unique taste, each with a specialty that has made them inimitable and famous in the city of Naples. From the classic tastes to the most original and requested, giving yourself a sweet and fresh break will be easy if you follow our suggestions. In one of these you can also meet your favorite famous character… you just have to find out where!

Fantasia Gelati

“Ice-cream masters in Naples for 20 years”. Founding Partner of the Miti Association of Naples, or rather the Consortium of Ancient Trademarks and Trades of Excellence, sponsored by the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples, Fantasia Gelati is an ice cream parlor in Naples which has 5 shops. From Piazza Vanvitelli, 22 to Via Toledo, 381 to via Cilea, 80, Largo Lala, 30 and via Chiaia, 186-187. The laboratory of this ice cream shop chooses the most genuine and natural ingredients, such as buffalo milk and fresh fruit, with over 60 seasonal rotation flavors. The Cioccoriso taste is much appreciated , with puffed rice covered with white and milk chocolate. In this ice cream parlor you can also find the much loved and sought after cake of the moment: the Ice Cake, the Kinder ice cream cake, Oreo, Pistachio, Red Velvet and many others. Hurry here if you want to have one of best ice cream in Naples.

Gelateria Primavera 

“Just for fun, I put the scent and the fresh air of the gardens and the sea breeze in delight”.  This is the motto of the owner of the   Gelateria Primavera, Antonio Cafiero. His restaurant in Sorrento has become so famous for the goodness of its ice cream, that it has become a meeting point for celebrities from the world of entertainment and culture, such as Diego Armando Maradona, Sofia Loren and Carlo Verdone. It’s an ice cream shop with classic and special tastes, the result of the desire to experiment. It offers flavors like avocado, ricotta and pear, Mediterranean, pomegranate and many others. A taste for every palate, from creams to fruit. A delightful place where to find the best ice cream in Naples.

Casa Infante

The Casa Infante Ice Cream Shop has 4 outlets in Naples: Via Toledo 258, Via Toledo 258, P.zza degli Artisti 4/5 and P.zza Vanvitelli / Via Scarlatti 84. The history of the Infante family began in the 40s with a typical local product, tarallo with almonds and pepper. Since the 90s the company has started to focus on pastry. From classic tastes to the most original, this ice cream parlor in Naples pays homage to the Neapolitan gastronomic tradition with ice-creams like the one with a Pastiera taste. The Noccio Mando Pistacchiato” flavor is very special and much appreciated Moreover, the Caprese Scugnizza flavor, made with Modica Chocolate flavored with Toritto almond Slow Food, variegated with crumbled Caprese and Babà, with Cioccolato Stracciato won the 1st Award for Best Almond Ice Cream at the Toritto Slow Food at Sigep 2018. A true gem where to taste the best ice cream in Naples.

Gelateria della Scimmia

Since 1933, the Gelateria della Scimmia is a family-run artisan production in Naples. The name was given by the founder Michele Monacelli, who used to have a monkey greedy for ice cream in his house! Marco, who continues the tradition of his grandfather, continues to respect traditional recipes, with the addition of ice cream without added sugars for diabetics and celiacs. This ice cream parlor in Naples, located in Piazza Carità, respects the 3 phases of the artisan gelato processing: pasteurization, maturation and whipping. The classic tastes are enhanced by products that make them unique. To the Stracciatella, fragments of Strega, flavoured chocolate are added, which gives it a unique and original flavor. Magnum stick ice creams are also made to taste, like white chocolate with 5 cereals and dark chocolate filled with sour cherry.

ROL Gelateria 

“The first ice cream shop on the waterfront of Naples”. The ROL Gelateria was founded and managed by  Olga Nigro and Roberta Rubino. Excellent flavors of ice cream to be enjoyed overlooking the Gulf of Naples. It’s an ice-cream shop that uses excellent raw materials and experiments original flavors such as Mojito Gelato and crockolosi specialties. Excellent fruit flavors such as mango, kiwi, apricot, peach and many others can also be found here. The perfect place to buy the best ice cream in Naples and enjoy it directly on the sea while strolling along the seafront of Via Partenope.


Photo Cover: Pagina Fb Casa Infante – Napoli

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