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Tortellini in broth, where to get a taste of Emilia in Rome, by spending little money

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«Anyone who tasted them in Emilia will die of wanting to eat them again. I’m talking about tortellini in broth and these are 4 restaurants where you can taste them at a good price … I swear on Emilia! »

Lovers of the Emilian cuisine, Roman and what not, are you sure that it is impossible to taste a good plate of tortellini in broth in Rome? Go and try this traditional and tasty dish in these four restaurants and you will see that you will not be disappointed.

Cesarina Restaurant

In the heart of the Eternal City(click here for 10 cult films about the capital), this restaurant stands out for its traditional Emilia-Romagna specialties, including boiled meat and tortellini. Easy to reach and in the immediate vicinity of Via Veneto, the environment is elegant and friendly. Famous, as well as for its dishes, also to be a stage of political figures, actors and great directors like Federico Fellini. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, except on Sundays, and reservations are welcome.

The tortellini in broth from this restaurant are defined, on TripAdvisor, as ” super ” and ” absolutely not to be missed“, excellent also with meat sauce. Only positive comments have been maybe, and not only on this typical dish of Emilia-Romagna cuisine: even the boiled version, for example, is very popular and appreciated by all customers. The quality-price ratio is good and in any case in line with that of the area.

Passioni di Pasta all’Uovo

Not far from the Vatican City, this place is not a real restaurant but a pasta factory with its own production and preparation of express first courses absolutely to try out! Every day the laboratory takes care to make fresh pasta of all kinds: tagliatelle, fettuccine, gnocchi, ravioli, agnolotti and our dish of the day, tortellini in broth. Note of merit: besides the pasta, in this laboratory they also prepare fresh bread and both pasta and bread can also be found made with whole meal flours. They also deliver at home.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is therefore not surprising, given the excellent reviews that can be found on the site and the maximum satisfaction of almost all customers. Speaking of tortellini, they are described as being “sensational ” in their simplicity and freshness. A special mention goes to the guys who work in the laboratory, always polite and kind, and to the prices. The quality offered has a price so low that it has made this place a reference point for lunch breaks of workers in the area. Suitable for those seeking an intimate and familiar environment.

Colline Emiliane

This restaurant, whose name is evocative in itself, is located near Piazza Barberini and has been open since 1931. The specialty of this place is the Emilian cuisine with all its traditional dishes. In the sixties this place was also a historic refuge of the Dolce Vita. Every typical recipe of the Emilia-Romagna region is prepared according to tradition and all dishes are artisanal.

The dishes, as well as for the traditional recipes with which they are prepared, stand out for the high quality, no exceptions. From the meat sauce to the cold cuts, passing through the cheeses and coming to the tortellini in broth, those who have been there can only but recommend this place for a good meal.

Il Fico

Il Fico is the fourth restaurant we present today where to eat good tortellini in broth in Rome. Given the many positive reviews, even this restaurant has deserved Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. Il Fico is not far from the Pantheon, towards the Tiber. Il Fico is, first of all, a Roman trattoria but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a good plate of tortellini in broth. A cozy place, it offers warm and friendly service for a very good value for money.

And now that we have suggested them to you, you have no more excuses! Have a good lunch or dinner with our suggested tortellini in broth in Rome! And after lunch, take a nice walk among the symbolic places of Rome.

Ilaria Roncone


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