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03 July 2018   •   Redazione

Neapolitan pizza maker: its art becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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«Unesco consecrates one of the Italian specialties: pizza. Finally, the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker becomes a World Heritage Site»

Pino Daniele once sang” Fatte na pizza c’a pummarola ‘ncoppa, vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà” (Make yourself a pizza with tomato on top, and the world will smile at you). That of Italians and pizza is a lifelong idyll: a symbol of Italian culinary excellence in the world, pizza and the neapolitan pizza maker finally reaches a new prestigious goal

The announcement was made a couple of months ago by the Minister for Agricultural, Environmental and Forestry Policies Maurizio Martina.

After eight years of international negotiations, the UNESCO Government Committee, which met on the island of Jeju in South Korea, approved the Italian candidacy by unanimous vote. In fact, it is in March 2010 that the process for the recognition of pizza took its first steps, up to the presentation of the official candidacy by the Italian National Unesco Commission in 2015. The application was resubmitted on March 4, 2016, when the Board of Directors of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, meeting in Rome, unanimously resolved to reapply for the year 2017 UNESCO World Heritage list with “The Traditional Art of Neapolitan Pizza makers“.

The affirmation of the art of Neapolitan pizza maker among the Unesco World Heritage (you can read the official declaration here) represents a historic milestone for Italy and constitutes our 58th ” protected site”, the ninth in Campania. In addition to the congratulations of the major Italian institutions, UNESCO also joined the choir, adding that what guided their choice was “the culinary know-how related to the production of pizza and Neapolitan pizza makers, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local jargon, the ability to handle the pizza dough, perform and share is an indisputable cultural heritage” .

That of pizza is a tradition handed down from father to son, made of sweat, experiments, sacrifices and innovation. The art of Neapolitan pizza makers knows no boundaries, it is unique and is emblematic of the Italian ability to invent and reinvent itself, to export masterpieces envied all over the world. In short, once again Italy is first and the traditions that most unite us are finally recognized as World Heritage. As they say in these cases, Ad Maiora!

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Jessica Simonetti

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