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20 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Italian football songs from the most famous football teams, with Roma Roma Roma in 1st place

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«For some they are simple stadium choruses, for others they are declarations of real love. Football team’s hymns are often more than enough for players to win the matchSo what are the most famous Italian football songs? Let’s find out together».

Whether you’re a fan or not, singing an anthem together with thousands of people is in itself a great emotion. If we add to this an unconditional love for the team in the field and for the sport, the mix becomes lethal. The most common case is that of football, among the most practiced sports in the world. Intoning the hymn of one’s favorite team has much more value than even a declaration of love. Rather, one can speak of a true act of faith. But what are the Italian football songs of the most famous football teams? Let’s find out together thanks to the list drawn up by France Football, a well-known French sports magazine.

Roma Roma Roma – A.S. Roma

Among the Italian football songs of the most famous football teams we cannot miss the epitemy of anthems, that of AS RomaRoma Roma Roma by Antonello VendittiUnique and inimitable, it’s been warming the South Curve of the Olympic Stadium in Rome since 1974. Published in 1975, it was written by Antonello Venditti, Giampiero Scalamogna, Sergio Bardotti and Franco Latini. Played for the first time on 1 December 1974 on the occasion of the Roma-Lazio derby, it was a triumph right away. Only from 1978 to 1983 the anthem suffered a setback because it was replaced by Forza Roma Forza Lupi by Lando Fiorini. The text is a riot of emotions, and calling it a simple stage choir would be an outrage to poetry and beauty. It celebrate the team as being the “core de ‘sta città” (Heart of the city), as the inspiring muse of centomila voci c’hai fatto ’nnamorà” (one hundred thousand voices you have made fall in love).

“Roma bella
T’ho dipinta io
Gialla come er sole
Rossa come er core mio”

A true declaration of love, like that of Francesco Totti towards the capital’s team, lights up and warms the hearts of countless supporters at every game. Passion and beauty: this time too, Made in Italy is confirmed as a guarantee of success.

Dale Cavese – Cavese

In the list of hymns and Italian football songs from the most famous football teams, we can not fail to mention that of Cavese (Cavese Amateur Sports Union 1919), a militant in the D series. Born as a Venezuelan song, it was translated over time and readapted to become one of the best known and most sung hymns in the world. At each match played in Cava de ‘Tirreni, the ultras (the hardcore fans) shake the Catello Mari South Curve on the notes of a song that ignited the passion for football in the hearts of fans around the world.

Storia di un grande amore – Juventus

Written and sung by Paolo Belli, the Juventus anthem is a real tribute to one of the strongest teams in Italy and in Europe. Attending a home match at the Juventus Stadium is an experience that will give you goosebumps. The text of this Italian football song, in reality, is the result of a collaboration with some authors who worked with Eros Ramazzotti. From this union was born a text that excites millions of fans and that strengthens, day after day and match after match, that unbreakable bond between the fan and their favorite team. The text praises love and passion and it is the palpitation of a black and white striped heart:

“Simili a degli eroi / abbiamo il cuore a strisce / portaci dove vuoi / verso le tue conquiste / dove tu arriverai / sarà la storia di tutti noi / solo chi corre può / fare di te la squadra che sei”

Ma il cielo è sempre più blu – Crotone F.C.

Not all hymns were necessarily born as hymns. It often happens that the fans find their identity and love for their favorite team, singing a song that is foreign to the world of football. This is the case of Crotone FC, a militant team in the A Series, whose supporters meet and support their team under the notes of the wonderful songs by Rino Gaetano. The official anthem is Ma il cielo è sempre più blu, a success from 1975, but also A mano a mano is often sung, another  famous song by the Italian singer-songwriter. With a hymn like this, that has become a great Italian football song, an ever bluer sky will shine on every sport Sunday in Crotone, above the Ezio Scida stadium.

Ancora Toro – Torino F.C.

And after eagles and wolves, bulls could not be missing from the list. Among the Italian football songs, that of  Torino F.C. plays an important role. Yes, because Ancora Toro by Valerio Liboni and Silvano Borgatta, besides being the result of a great commitment as well as a great love for the team, is the maximum representation of their “old garnet heart”.  Liboni, in the ’50s, a member of the New Angels, was the star of the Italian beat-pop generation and decided to combine his passion for music with that for the garnet. In 1987 he gave birth to Ancora Toro, which soon became the official anthem of Turin. Last September the singer-songwriter was the protagonist of a breathtaking show. At the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino,  in front of thousands of fans, he sang for the first time the official anthem of the team:

“Granata è una seconda pelle / portarla è come un viaggio tra le stelle / lo so cos’è la storia e la leggenda / giochiamo noi, la fiamma non si è spenta”

Today we have showed you the most important Italian football songs: as you can see there are so many Made in Italy anthems that in the football universe enchant fans all over the world. Now our question is, what is your favorite anthem?

Elisa Malomo


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