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Italian food: 6 reasons why it is the best in the world

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«Where can you eat like you eat in Italy? Nowhere else! We have often heard this phrase and often we have been saying it. But why is Italian food the best in the world? Let’s find out together. »

The Mediterranean diet, the Italian one to be precise, corresponds to the healthiest food regime there is. In addition to being healthy, Italian food is also good. All of Italian food. From the north to the south of the peninsula, passing through the islands, each region has its own specialties that are worth tasting at least once in your lifetime. And what about abroad? Just know that our way of eating has a name: ” Italian way of fooding “. Loved all over the world and hard to imitate. And so the Italian way of eating is successful abroad for the conviviality, the health benefits and for its goodness.

But why is Italian food the best in the world? Here are a number of reasons.


Italy not only in Italy

Italian food is the best in the world simply because it is among the most reproduced abroad. You can find a Little Italy in each of the continents, except for Asia and Antarctica. Eating Italian is therefore possible (almost) in every corner of the planet!

Pizza … do I need to add more?

You don’t even need to call into question the entire Italian culinary heritage, just mention her: pizza. The most reproduced food in the world, pizza is undoubtedly the most important Italian culinary invention. There is no place in the world where you cannot taste it. And the most beloved version is still the classic Neapolitan one. It is so good that people abroad almost do not believe how easy, fast and cheap it is to cook it. And then, let’s face it… everyone would agree on how amazing this Italian food is!

Italian pasta

The Italian dish par excellence, along with pizza, knows no foreign rivals. Pasta in Italy, no matter how you prepare it, is always excellent. Each region, even every city, has its typical condiments: pesto alla Genovese, amatriciana, norma, ragù. Four examples of an infinite list. And let’s not forget the stuffed pasta, the great pride of our country! Give the pasta to the Italians and they will turn it into a masterpiece.

The variety of flavors offered by the boot

Why is Italian food the best? Because there really is something for every taste. Italy is a country much smaller than many others, but the gastronomic heritage it has to offer is so vast as to be envied by the rest of the world. And it is not difficult to understand how. From north to south of the boot there are flavors and foods with ingredients of all kinds. What other country can boast such a variety of food, which includes Milanese cutlet, Parmigiano Reggiano, Fiorentina, Parma ham, ice cream, arancini…? Not to mention a good extra virgin olive oil, which to us seems so common but it isn’t so common at all.

Italian chefs and Michelin stars

We have less starred restaurants than the French, that’s for sure, but how sure are we of the evaluation criterion of the famous Michelin? Those who play in France make France win, just saying… And many international chefs and food critics have noticed how much the guide tends to favor the restaurants of beautiful France. And then in Italy we have champion chefs. Just to name a few we have Gualtiero Marchesi, the first to elevate Italian cuisine at the highest levels;  Mario Batali, who along with his partner, Joe Bastianich, has exported all over the world what is defined as the true Italian good eating with the Eataly brand. And these are just two of the many chefs worthy of mention in our beautiful country.

The Italian way of fooding: a guarantee

As I already mentioned, the Italian way of fooding elevates the Italian way of eating for many reasons: first of all it is the guaranteed quality it offers, because the Made in Italy has a world-wide recognized value and guarantees food safety. Second of all is tradition, because in Italy every dish tells a story, its territories and its values. Then you have conviviality, because only in our country the tables are immense, meals never end and eating means being together. Italian food also offers innovation, because Italian companies invest in technology and for this reason they are appreciated internationally. Lastly, we offer taste and elegance, because Italian food is not only beautiful to look at but also good to savor, starting from its aromas. Use creativity and well-being as the last ingredients and you will understand all the reasons why Italian food can be considered the best in the world.

So let’s remember that, as far as it can be taken for granted, our way of eating belongs to us, it characterizes us in the eyes of the world and it is inimitable!

Ilaria Roncone

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