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Amusement park in Italy: 12 magical places to absolutely try

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«Here for you today are twelve amusement park in Italy where you have to go at least once in life to embrace your inner child and to experience a couple of days full of fun.»

Today we talk about amusement park in Italy where to spend a day full of adrenaline, where to take your little ones and where, let’s face it, us adults go back to being children and leave all problems behind. It’s undoubtedly the most experienced children t who could draw up an ad hoc classification of the best parks, because they are the only ones who can, in their ingenuity, perceive the fun, the real one, which not all structures can give. The amusement parks are scattered all around Italy from north to south and they allow everyone to enjoy their services, covering every area of ​​Italy.

We want to take you to the discovery of the best equipped amusement park in Italy, parks of different types, but from which adults and children can not leave without a big smile on their faces.


It is one of the most popular amusement park in Italy, located in the north, in Castelnuovo del Garda, near Verona. In fact, it hosts almost three million visitors a year. It became part of the Forbes list in 2005 as the fifth among the best-performing amusement parks in the world. Inside you can find attractions of all kinds and intended for different age groups, as well as an aquarium to take part in the “marine life “. It is open every day from the end of March to September, every weekend in October and during all the festivities in December and January. It remains closed from mid-January to mid-March.


Next among the best amusement parks in Italy, is Mirabilandia. It’s the largest park in Italy and it also has an aquatic area. It is located in Ravenna, is spread around three lakes, is surrounded by greenery and gives visitors the impression of being at the seaside: in Mirabeach, the aquatic area, there are artificial beaches, swimming pools that simulate the sea ​​waves, and umbrellas. The thematic area instead is divided into seven areas, with such a big number of attractions that you are spoiled for choice. It is open every day, from Easter to November 2nd.


One of the most “aquatic” amusement parks in Italy. It is located in Jesolo and has been elected the Best aquatic amusement park in Italy several times  It is divided into eight thematic areas, among which we also find a mini-golf and a discobar. It also boasts one of the world’s tallest slides, measuring 42 meters, and the tallest tower in Europe from which to grapple with the 60-meter Bungee Jumping, di 60 metri. Inside the park everything is in Caribbean style and there is an area used for shows and entertainment.


Among all the amusement park in Italy, this is the first ever, historically, dedicated to families with children. It was inaugurated in 1971 as Minitalia and over the years it has been transformed into Leolandia. Inside there are over 40 attractions, shows and  the most beloved cartoon characters  like Peppa Pig, Masha & Bear, Thomas The Train and Geronimo Stilton. Moreover, for nature and animal lovers, there is the educational farm, the aquarium and the reptile house, an educational garden, and, for those who are experts in geography and culture, there is the historic Minitalia, with its 160 reproductions of miniature monuments. The park is open from March to November.


It is the largest amusement park in Southern Italy. In addition to the play area with rides, called  Themepark, and  the area with water slides, called  Aquapark, there is also the opportunity to take a ride in the botanical garden or take a look at  the Prehistory Park. The total number of attractions is 58. Themepark is open every weekend of April, May, June and September and every day of July and August. The Aquapark, on the other hand, is only open during July and August.


Another of the best known water amusement parks in Italy of all time. It’s the Aquafan in Riccione, inaugurated in 1987, and open every day from June to September and with 17 attractions inside. To experience the emotions on the slides of Aquafan in Riccione, you have to wait for the first of June. The most famous water park in Europe, thanks to its spectacular water games, countless events and its ability to be a place of fashion and trendThe fun is guaranteed with its fantastic slides, over 3 kilometers long: from the Kamikaze to the Extreme River, from the Speedriul to the River Run, from the Surfin’hill to the Twist and the Tobogas, from the StrizzaCool – the family-size attraction – to the latest arrival, the Black Hole, for the thrill-seekers.

This year the best surprises will all be in the large Wave Pool that reproduces real ocean waves every hour. Here the appointment with Maxi Onda this year will be the most colorful of all time. Three areas equipped for children: Focus Junior Beach, the Elephant Pool and the Antarctic Baby Beach, with slides and pools for children. But for those who love to relax, the right attraction is the Poseidon, with waterfalls and whirlpools.

As usual every year, there is also daily entertainment, direct from the Aquafan Studios of Radio Deejay and a full calendar of events. Again this year there will be non-stop days with the park being open from morning until after sunset. The names of the artists of the national and international music scene, guests in Aquafan, are still top secret… stay tuned to discover the line up


Le Cornelle

Amongst the best amusement parks in Italy, we here recommend one for the animal lovers, especially the endangered ones. We’re talking about Le Cornelle, near Bergamo. It was inaugurated in 1981 and it is open every day, from February to November. This wildlife park has the protection of wild species as its purpose. There are animals from everywhere in the world, the  rare white tiger  is the symbol of the park and the white lion has recently been introduced. Inside you can also find a reptile house and the largest aviary in Italy, where the birds live in a state of semi-liberty.

Safari Park

The Safari Park, near Novara, is still one of the favorite amusement park in Italy for those who are fond of animals. It was inaugurated in 1999, inside there are 30 attractions and it is open every day. It consists of two distinct areas: the rides area  with animals in cages and the  safari area, where the animals are free, and you can approach it only by entering with your vehicle, as if you are really doing a safari. A mix of fun and culture for families and kids of all ages.


It is one of the first amusement parks in Italy to be built and it mainly offers attractions for children. It is divided into three different thematic areas:  western, oriental and medieval. There is no shortage of shows, mascots and the possibility of entering for free the following day. This park has a history of more than 50 years and it is developed around Lake Bernardo, which is home to several species of migratory birds. With over thirty attractions, it is always open from May to September, every weekend of October and April. Closed, however, from November to February.


Here’s another amusement park in Italy dedicated to water: Zoomarine. Here, the animals are the protagonists: shows, aquariums, areas of zoological culture in which to learn something more about our friends, from dinosaurs all the way up until today. There is also a 4D cinema and rides for the young and old, roller coasters and swimming pools of all kinds. It is open every weekend of April and May, and it’s open every day in June, July, August and until mid-September. It’s closed from November to March.

Rainbow Magicland

One of the most recent amusement parks, opened in 2011 and entirely dedicated to magic. Rainbow MagicLand is the largest of the amusement park in Central and Southern Italy, characterized by a strong theme that makes the structure unique in its kind. The variety of attractions for all age groups and the multiplicity of services offered are among the elements that make this Park one of the most sought after destinations by the public. To date, Rainbow MagicLand offers over 40 original attractions, including roller coasters and fall towers in line with the highest international standards.

The result of a crazy experiment by some crazy scientists, only here you can try Shock, one of Europe’s most amusing launchers, able to launch anyone from zero to one hundred kilometers in just 2 seconds; or the 72-meter jump from the Mystika tower, a test of courage awaiting the most daring. Careful not to lose the sense of time and space entering the castle of Count Cagliostro, where you will begin a hell of a journey, dark and unexpected, in one of the most extravagant places you will ever see. Mayan ruins, ancient talismans, fearful titans and aquatic rapids from which you will not get out dry, await you in this adventure for the whole family: Yucatan. The legendary home of the legendary Houdini becomes the perfect place to test your skills, discovering the secrets hidden behind the experiments that made the great magician famous. After experiencing all-round adrenaline on board of ancient pirate galleons or launched into space on the Virtual Coaster, winner of the Parksmania Awards, you can travel in time with Huntik, the biggest 5D video game in Europe, looking for ancient talismans and where, at the end, you can also buy the souvenir photo. And if water is your element, at Rainbow MagicLand you can face a real Naval Battle, on board of a galleon in the enchanted waters of the lake, where Miogar is located, a sea monster that destroys every vessel.

There is also an entire area dedicated to children, “The Kingdom of the Little Ones”, with many games, attractions and unique themes: Planet of Winx, the Magic Wheel, the Crazy Cups for some fun in complete safety.

There will also be great news in the show areas, with events and shows including: at the Gran Teatro – all on stage with CirCuba, an exceptional re-adaptation made just for Rainbow MagicLand. Back from the great successes from the tour in Italy, it is a hymn to the joy of dance, folklore and aerial disciplines; the best artists of the most famous circus school in Havana, in a mix of circus art and Caribbean atmospheres, will perform. In Main Street (in the central square), “Welcome In MagicLand / Goodbye MagicLand”: a welcome and a goodbye animation for the Park’s guests. Magic Show at the Piccolo Teatro, a show dedicated to the whole family, where soap bubbles are the real protagonists in all their most suggestive variations. In the Stunt Area, for the more adventurous, is the Extreme Stunt Live Show, a new show of cars and bikes with daring evolutions and special vehicles. The great emotions are certainly not over: the projections of the 4D Cinema are back in the magical location of the Planetarium, where you can experience the thrill of being inside the story at 360 degrees. You would be crazy not to visit this amusement park in Italy



Finally, for those passionate about cinema, here is one of the most suitable amusement park in Italy. We’re talking about Movieland. Near Verona, inaugurated in 2002, this theme park will immerse you in the cinema and you will feel like real Hollywood directors. There are 21 attractions and entertainment shows for the young and old. It is open every weekend of April and October, and every day from May to September. It’s closed from November to March.

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