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03 Luglio 2018   •   Snap Italy

Mediterranean Sea and its coasts, 10 destinations for a wonderful boat trip

«We have compiled a small guide for you which includes 10 destinations to choose from for next summer. They are located on the Mediterranean Sea, the natural jewel of our beautiful country

Talking about the Mediterranean Sea is a must when discussing “summer holidays ” in Italy. Summer is upon us, as is the need to decide where to book. The Mediterranean sea offers beautiful locations with breathtaking views that leave you spoiled for choice. Crystal clear waters, white beaches, hidden coves, far from confusion and in direct contact with nature: the Mediterranean Sea is this and much more. The best part is, without a doubt, the most hidden places, those that would be ideal to reach with a yacht or another type of vehicle that can be driven after having taken a boat license. For the most curious, there are different types of licenses, 3 in particular: the A, for the command and conduct of boats and pleasure craft; the B, for the command of the pleasure boats and the C, for the nautical direction of boats and pleasure boats. The first, moreover, is divided into two sub-categories: the nautical license within twelve miles of the coast and the boating license without limits. In fact, there is a license for any need, which will take you to visit beautiful locations.

Vivere la Vela, a sailing school affiliated to the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) thanks to which you can obtain the perfect boat license for your needs, offers you a valid support. In the lessons held by the staff of Vivere la Vela you will learn, for example, that a driving license of this type is mandatory for:

  • conducting any type of craft over 12 miles from the coast;
  • conducting boats with an engine of more than 30 kW;
  • conducting boats with a cylinder capacity of more than 750 cc (if with two-stroke carburetion), 1000 cc (if with 4-stroke out-board carburetion or with direct injection), over 1300 cc (if with 4-stroke inboard carburetion), 2000 cc (if diesel engine);
  • driving watercraft regardless of the distance from the coast;
  • driving boats used for water skiing.

For more information, we advise you to visit the website. After having explained to you what type of boat license is possible (and necessary) to take if you want to reach the hidden coves of the Mediterranean sea and, referring to the site for more information, let’s discover together what are the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean sea, those that are worth choosing for summer holidays.

Spiaggia dei conigli, Lampedusa

Queen of the beaches of Italy, this locality of the Mediterranean Sea coast is one of the first choices we offer you. A dream-like setting, with an incredible marine fauna and water whose limpidity and blue nuances attract visitors from all over the world every year. To characterize it is this islet, whose name, according to legend, is connected to the fact that, many years ago, a colony of rabbits reached the islet just when it was connected to the mainland. When the sand bridge disappeared, the rabbits were trapped, they reproduced and became so many, giving the name to the islet.

Cala Luna, Sardegna

Another pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, in Sardinia, is one of those coves that it’s good to reach by boat. The contrasting colors, the intense blue sea, the green of the oak and carob woods and the white of the calcareous rocks are amazing. The alternative is to reach it on foot, since the paths are an experience to try out, able to give glimpses without equal, as well as an incredible satisfaction.

Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante

We are in Liguria, more precisely in the delightful setting of Sestri Levante, which offers visitors beautiful seaside resorts, and charming villages, rich in history and culture. Another valid choice for the Mediterranean Sea. And above all a place that offers alternatives, starting from the beaches, which are of sand or stone. One of the best known places is the Baia del Silenzio, selected among the best in Italy. It is a magical place, framed by a house of a thousand colors, full of attractions including cultural events and restaurants that offer the culinary specialties of the place.

Baia dei Saraceni, Varigotti

Another choice on the Mediterranean Sea could be the Baia dei Saraceni, in the province of Savona, also in Liguria. It is often defined as one of the most beautiful and evocative corners: in fact, it is not difficult to remain enchanted by the crystalline waters that lap the promontory. An enchanting place to perhaps enjoy with a bath at dawn, or admiring the view at sunset with a glass of wine, lulled by the sound of the waves.

Spiaggia di Cavoli, Isola d’Elba

The Island of Elba is another of the strengths of the boot. And the Cavoli beach is undoubtedly another venue of the Mediterranean Sea coast to be mentioned. It is one of the most famous beaches, especially for the clarity of the sea, beautiful sand and particular microclimate, which allows a golden tan and even off-season baths. The beach is made up of grainy sand, which does not stick to the skin, and the presence of a cliff from which to dive makes it all more appealing, especially for the younger ones.

Cala Violina, Scarlino

We are in Maremma, and Cala Vilina is one of the most beautiful beaches here. It Ppesents all the characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea and coast, with its clear sand, crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature. It is located between Follonica and Punta Ale within the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve. It overlooks a fascinating and lush Mediterranean vegetation and its name derives from the sound that the sand emits when you walk on it, which is reminiscent of a violin. The beach is not very big, like all the most beautiful ones on the Mediterranean coast.

Cala Grande, Valle della Luna

North of Sardinia, more precisely Santa Teresa di Gallura, this cove is one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean Sea coast. Inside there are many other bays, whose main characteristic is the turquoise and crystalline water, made magical by the strong contrast with the golden colors of the rocks and the green of the thick Mediterranean scrub. Since the end of the Sixties, the promontory has been chosen as the home of a group of  hippies  and naturists who have helped to keep it uncontaminated. The name Valle della Luna was coined precisely by them for the particular white shade that the rocks take when illuminated by moonlight.

La Pelosa, Stintino

At La Pelosa you will find very fine and white sand, a clear seabed, water which arrives at the ankles for many meters, turquoise colors and blue sea that mingles with the sky and a suggestive panorama offered by the towers around it. These are the characteristics of La Pelosa beach, one of the most suggestive places in the Mediterranean Sea, where one almost has the impression of being outside Italy. There is the Mediterranean bush around, with junipers, to remind us that in reality we are in Sardinia and not in the Caribbean! Furthermore, thanks to the natural barrier, the water is always calm, even when the mistral wind blows hard.


The Amalfi Coast is one of the strengths of the Mediterranean Sea and coast, envied by the whole world. A place out of the ordinary, in which one feels inside a painting, and with which it is impossible not to fall in love. One of the most characteristic localities of the Amalfi Coast is Positano, a village that enchants its visitors and which, seen from the sea, looks like a rope, streaked with colors. From the green of the Lattari Mountains that crown it, to the white, pink and yellow of its Mediterranean houses, the silver gray of the pebble beaches and, finally, the blue of its sea. The three things to do before leaving are: walk the path of the Lovers, which from the Spiaggia Grande leads to the coves of Fornillo; buy a pair of tailored sandals in “Positano style” and climb up to the secret village of Nocelle to discover the Panorama of the Gods.

Capo Vaticano, Ricadi

It is one of the most popular locations in Calabria, as well as one of the most famous locations on the Mediterranean Sea coast. This promontory belongs to the municipality of Ricadi and is ten kilometers from Tropea. It is especially appreciated by those who love the wild sea, unspoiled nature and tranquility. One of the typical things in Capo Vaticano  is undoubtedly the belvedere that, with its 124 meters of height, allows you to see a myriad of coves and pretty inlets, characterized by white sand and an extraordinarily crystalline and transparent sea.

San Vito Lo Capo

Set on the beautiful beach that has made it famous all over the world, San Vito Lo Capo, with its mild climate even in winter, is one of the most popular destinations in western Sicily and is just a few kilometers from the famous  Zingaro Nature Reserve. The Mediterranean atmosphere that you breathe, the wealth of natural beauty and the numerous cultural opportunities of the surroundings, make it the ideal destination for a beach holiday with the whole family. Even the sea is not far behind: transparent waters, which gently degrade to the open sea and with basically no currents, make this beach with Caribbean colors, framed by tufts of palms, a real corner of paradise. A safe beach, ideal for children and also for those who are not expert swimmers: offshore, instead, the seabed is a real show for divers.

Mezzavalle, Conero

The last resort of our review of the best spots in the Mediterranean Sea is the beach of Mezzavalle. A wild pearl in the north of the  Conero, it offers a breathtaking glimpse on the slopes of the mountain. In this beach you can enjoy a whole day of sea protected by the rock of the mountain that in the early afternoon also offers a shadow area in which to relax and take a nap. In terms of the structure, you will find sand, gravel and rocks for a truly wild vibe. On the left side of the beach there is a clay pit that you can spread on your body, let it dry and then throw yourself into the water to get a brighter and smoother skin.

Chiara Rocca