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22 June 2018   •   Anita Atzori

Things to do in Rome at night: how to have fun in the Capital

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«Good music and good beer. A ride through the most popular places and unusual things to do in Rome at night, to make your evenings a bit rebellious but always in style! »

Are you looking for an evening different from the usual? Trying out alternative pubs is the best solution to spend some quality time with good music, fun and originality. Rome, besides being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is also a varied mix of worldly entertainment and nightlife; its unexpected alleys, historic wine bars and squares filled with tourists, make this capital a unique place for multiethnic meetings and socialization.  Anywhere you turn it will be impossible to find deserted areas with just two cars stopped in front of a traffic light.  Window-shops and live music are just some of the experiences that the city offers 24/7. Today Snap Italy wants to entertain you, and will not talk about fashion, fashion shows and limited editions, but we will instead explore alternative options to your usual nightlife and disclose some interesting things to do in Rome at night. The focus will be on pubs which will make you feel at home and at peace with yourself. Finding places different than the usual is not easy, not only because the needs of each of us change suddenly, but also because most of the time you follow the flow instead of your instinct. If you are also looking for good music, optimal service and quality products in this article, we will recommend alternative pubs around the capital.

Alvarado Street

Located in the quaint Pigneto neighborhood, this place is the meeting point for those who love craft beers and cold cuts of local meats. The owners Giulio and Carlo make this pub an unusual meeting place: the familiar vibe, the matches, the soft atmosphere and the varied assortment of alcohol make the new customers immediately become an integral part of the bar, so as to quickly become a trusted clientele. The ace up the sleeve of the Alvarado Street is the music: a soundproofed downstairs concert hall offers live performances with groups from all over the city. Good acoustics, kindness of the staff and excellent food quality make this gem of punk rock one of the alternative pubs most appreciated by young people, and not only. Among the best things to do in Rome at night


enclosed in the center of the San Lorenzo district, this place is considered among the best alternative pubs in the city. Not just a pub with fine wines and 100% craft beers, but a real club where you can listen to live music and shows in the style of the ’70s. Underdog’s also sells priceless books and vinyls, a real place of worship for those who love and follow the Italian underground scene. The strong point of the place is the silent disco, appreciated by all those who love good music and want to have an out of the ordinary experience. The music is transmitted with high-powered headphones that each customer wears individually. It’s a sort of silent disco with an alternative and damned climate, but which at the same time remains definitely super cool. Seeing is believing! In terms of unusual things to do in Rome at night, this is an absolute must!

Jungle Juice

Located in the famous Casal Bertone district, it’s defined by all as one of the best Roman breweries. Before being one of the most original and creative alternative pubs, it was certainly a home. This is confirmed by the fact that the climate inside is familiar and cozy – one of the main objectives of the owner Umberto Calabria – and because, despite the unusual style, our local tradition is intact. A skillful mix of good quality and ordinary experimentation make this brewery a well-established certificate of quality. Born in 2014 as a traveling brewery in collaboration with various local restaurants, in 2016 Jungle Juice decided to take root in a former Roman pasta factory to turn their adventure into a solid and alternative reality. Equipped with a tap room complete with a tapping system and urban-style furnishings, this pub is halfway between zero-kilometer production and pure celebration of industrial Made in Italy charm. Another one of the best things to do in Rome at night

La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

Is hidden within the walls of San Lorenzo, a bit for its surreal atmosphere and a bit because the good things are better in the dark. Before being a pub it is a club and before being a nightlife venue it is a small dollhouse. Elegance, good taste and refinement characterize every artist and collaborator. Considered among the most modern alternative pubs of the Capital, The Conventicola degli Ultramoderni is for people who are way more than modern! Those who attend this public club remain enchanted by the burlesque shows that are so irreverent, and at the same time so sublime, that it is almost impossible not to ask for an encore. Costume designer Madame De Freitas welcomes customers with a warm welcome and immediately immerses you in the retro atmosphere of the old Parisian locals. If this is not a great thing to do in Rome at night, I don’t know what is!


Is a second San Lorenzo, in miniature. A cocktail bar where music is the master par excellence. Marble has a calendar full of events where you can attend numerous concerts and DJ sets, selected music and excellent spritz accompany the most alternative and original aperitifs. Many call it an oasis of relaxation and a break from the hectic chaos of the Capitoline nightlife. The discreet volume and beers on tap are the best panacea for an evening of fun and style. The refined furnishings studied in detail make this place one of the city’s most popular and sponsored alternative pubs.


Is the sacred temple of Metal. Anyone who needs to listen to Black Sabbath’s Paranoid with a good craft beer can not help but run to this place. Many define it as the meeting point for the loyal metal-heads, or those who listen to good music but are not satisfied with the classic half-bottle beer. The climate is jovial, in some ways similar to the London pubs of the ’70s. Here you won’t find fashion bloggers but a myriad of guys with leather studs and studded amphibians. Open until late at night, it offers its customers delicious appetizers to cheer the most rebellious aperitifs in the neighborhood. The anti-crisis Thursday has become the fixed appointment of all university students and young people of the city. A unique place of its kind, it certainly is among the most inimitable alternative pubs of all time. The flags of the Motorhead and the mysterious atmosphere will make your evenings the most rock memory of all time. Certainly it is one of the best things to do in Rome at night

We have offered you brilliant alternative things to in Rome at night, now it’s your turn to pick and go!


Anita Atzori

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