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Iginio Massari: the Pasticceria Veneto arrives in Milan

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«In February 2018 the Sweetman Iginio Massari inaugurated the Milanese headquarters of his award-winning patisserie, in a privileged location between the Duomo’s pizza and Piazzale Diaz»

Milanese friends, I’m coming “. Since Iginio Massari (FB page) had posted the news on the web, Milan was in turmoil. The undisputed master of Made in Italy pastry has finally decided to bring his masterpieces of sweetness even in the Lombard capital. The bakery opened in the central via Guglielmo Marconi, one of the main arteries of the city. Inside one of the palaces of the Intesa Sanpaolo bank and with the on-sight laboratory on the road, Iginio Massari has arrived to to charm and delight the Milanese with his creations, making the 2018 start very smoothly.

But who is the Master of pastry chefs?

Iginio Massari, son of a cook and a canteen manager, was born with a passion for good food in his DNA. He began his career as a confectioner and chocolatier in Switzerland at a very young age, before returning to Italy where he put to good use his experiences and his talent in well-known local companies such as Bauli and Star. In 1971 he opened in Brescia, his hometown, the renowned Pasticceria Veneto, the first Italian company to be part of the exclusive Relais Desserts International chain and which, from 2011 to date, has been recognized by the Gambero Rosso guide as the best pastry of Italy. Maximum precision, high quality of the materials used and aesthetic refinement of the finished product are the cornerstones of Maestro Massari’s patisserie art. His workshop produces masterpieces of all kinds, national and international, of the highest level: cakes, biscuits, fruit jellies, croissants, panettone and chocolates of all kinds.

Convinced that “food should not only be good, but must be beautiful, elegant and engaging “, Igino Massari makes use of the precious collaboration of his wife Mary who, with her marked taste and refinement, turns each gift pack into a bundle of joy, not just for the palate, but also for the eyes. In addition to his undisputed talent and technical knowledge, Iginio Massari also has an excellent teaching ability; in 1993, he founded the AMPI  (Italian Master Pastry Masters Academy), which unites the experience of the many Italian confectioners who stand out for their outstanding professional and creative qualities, with the aim of taking quality pastry to a higher level. He is also the creator and co-founder of CAST Alimenti, the cooking school that trains future cooks, pizza makers, bartenders, bakers and Italian confectioners. There are about 300 awards, prizes and victories at national and international level that the master Iginio Massari has won over the years; we mention only a few:

  • 1985: creator of the first Italian pastry championship in Brescia;
  • 1987: becomes the first and only Italian member of the prestigious Relais Dessertassociation;
  • 1994: Italian Academic Champion for the quality and aesthetics of cakes and patisserie mignon;
  • 1994: Italian Academic Champion for the quality and aesthetics of cakes and patisserie mignon;
  • 1999: recognition of the ” Pasticcere Italiano dell’Anno 1999-2000” gold medal;
  • 2003: gold medal for the best Italian chocolate cake;
  • 2004: creator of the Golden Trophyand medal of the President of the Italian Republic of catering;
  • 2004: recognition of international gastronomic television news NHK Japan Quality pastry;
  • 2015: Leone d’Oro for his Career.

In short, he is a real sacred monster of Italian pastry. So admired all over the world, to be able to create around his professional figure an aura of sacredness, a sort of “cult”, with a lot of fan clubs (like any “big dog” that is respected).

The “king of sweets” Iginio Massari, for some time now, has also conquered the television screens, first as a judge and as a guest (from the second edition) of Masterchef Italy and this year with a program of his own, that sees him protagonist on Sky Uno: Iginio Massari The Sweetman, in which the master works alongside the brave competitors during the preparation of desserts, and then judges the final result. Iginio Massari is also present in the bookstore with the book taken from the tv program, published by Mondadori Electa: a collection of recipes explained by the Maestro, accompanied by his tips and tricks that will allow even the less experienced to try their hand at some of the most important basic preparations of pastry and with the best sweets of the Italian tradition.


Marcella Scialla

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