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Italian liqueurs: The best-known, 8 drinks not to be missed

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«Italy is great for food, but not only. We are famous for our many quality wines and also for our liqueurs. Today I will talk about the Italian liqueurs that have had (huge) success abroad and overseas »

There are Italian liqueurs that, surprisingly, you could easily find abroad: do not be surprised if the Italian limoncello were to be served as a digestif in a nice restaurant in Sydney or if, in the middle of Manhattan, they should offer you an aperitif with a spritz!

Aperol and Campari, spritz and more

Aperol, the main ingredient of the Spritz typical of the Veneto region, is immediately recognizable because of its typical red-orange color. This alcohol, whose recipe remains secret since 1919, is obtained from the infusion of herbs, roots and orange alcohol.  The basis of the typical spritz is 11 degrees. The version with Campari is also very appreciated, with a more intense aroma and a well-known ruby ​​color. Both are part, besides the spritz, of many successful cocktails, served all over the world, making spritz a famous Italian liqueur abroad.

Limoncello, Italy in the world

From the beautiful Campania comes the Limoncello, one of the most famous and easiest Italian liqueurs to be found abroad. The original recipe is to produce the liqueur starting from the lemon peel (which must be one of the local varieties, such as the Sorrento oval or the Sfusato di Amalfi) to be macerated in alcohol and mixed with a solution based on sugar and water. It is probably the most loved liqueur by tourists in our country, so much so that the United States began a native production of it for some decades.

The Nocino of Emilia-Romagna

Typical of Emilia-Romagna, Nocino is an Italian liqueur with a bright and dense brown color. The best cities to savor it are Modena and Parma, but you can certainly find it abroad in the most equipped places and supermarkets. The preparation of the walnut tree sees the maceration of the walnuts in a solution of alcohol and sugar. For those who love aromas there is also the possibility of enriching the mixture with cinnamon and cloves.

Vov, when liquor and eggs get married

This loved liqueur provides a combination that may be strange, but whose outcome is phenomenal. Created in the 19th century, it is one of the most appreciated Italian liqueurs abroad and it is the result of the mind of a Paduan confectioner. This alcoholic eggnog is made with egg yolks, sugar, alcohol and marsala. It’s also famous because it can be easily made at home.

Liquore strega, the bitter-sweet taste

The typicality of this Italian liqueur lies in its bitter-sweet taste, given by a recipe based on 70 different spices and herbs including mint, cinnamon and juniper. The yellow color and taste are widely recognized and appreciated abroad. Try it!

Sambuca, abroad since 1945

La Sambuca Molinari already has a long history outside of our country. Its sweet taste comes from an infusion of essential oils based on star anise in sugar, water and alcohol. Also known as ” Certosino liqueur ” because the original recipe includes the use of the elderberry plant and derives from the Certosina herbal tradition.

Amaro Lucanus, from Basilicata with love

The recipe of this famous bitter drink, like that of many others, remains secret today and makes it one of Lucania’s greatest sources of pride. Born in Pisticci from an idea of ​​Pasquale Vena, that of mixing medicinal herbs and sugar. Not only Matera, with its evocative landscapes, is the right place to enjoy it, but also all those countries in the world that have not resisted the taste of this Italian liqueur and have made it accessible to them too.

Grappa, one of the most used in the world

The grappa is one of the Italian liqueurs appearing in most of the bars in the world. This distillate is obtained only and exclusively from grapes produced and produced in Italy or San Marino. The headquarters of the Bortolo Nardini distillery, the oldest in our country, is located in Bassano del Grappa and its grappa is one of the most recognized single varietal, appreciated and sold on the international scene.

Let’s cheer to the fact that, that here or abroad, we can always enjoy our good and envied Italian liqueurs!

Ilaria Roncone

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