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24 June 2018   •   Raffaella Celentano

Italian clothing stores and fashion streets: which ones are the most expensive?

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«Milan, Rome and more… Here are the most exclusive Italian clothing stores and streets (with the highest rents!) in Italy»

Italy is famous for its many fashion streets, the streets where you can find the shops of the best international fashion houses. And, guess what, the great Italian clothing stores  compete to get the best seats in these streets, that constitute the real favors of the fashion system.

Fashion streets are not only a showcase for the Italian clothing stores and fashion brands, but also an important tourist attraction for all the countries of the world, and many tourists choose their destinations also based on the possibility of making purchases. Milan, for example, is chosen by 15.4% of tourists because of the possibility of shopping, followed immediately by FlorenceRome and Venice (as far as Italy is concerned).

Of course this exclusivity and visibility do not come cheap! In fact, the streets of fashion and shopping are always among the most expensive streets in the world. The report Fashion High Street – 2017, made by the research department of World Capital, in collaboration with Federazione Moda Italia and Global Blue,  has compiled a list of cities and streets where the rent of a store reaches incredible figures.

These are very high annual fees, but they are justified by the excellent geographical position of the roads (always central and close to the main monuments of the city), the allure of exclusivity that they have acquired over time and the importance they have at a cultural and economic level. Italian clothing stores can be found at every corner of these streets, so let’s take a look at the most famous ones.

Below, Snap Italy  shows you the  TOP TEN  fashions streets with the most expensive rents in Italy, where most Italian clothing stores reside. Let’s find out what they are…

Let’s start immediately with the cheapest way (so to speak) of the ranking. According to the  report, an annual lease for a shop on this street in Venice costs about 4300 euros per square meter.

We stay in the lagoon city, moving towards Calle Merceria. Here, renting a shop costs 4500 euros per square meter per year.

Still in Venice which, according to the World Capital  top ten is the city with the highest number of fashion streets: imagine how many Italian clothing stores you can find! But if you want to rent a store in the central Piazza San Marco, the annual fee will be 4600 euros per square meter.

We arrive in our beautiful capital, and start with Via del Corso. The central street of the so-called Trident is ranked 7th among the most expensive fashion streets in Italy:  4900 euros per square meter per year. You will find some of the best Italian clothing stores around.

Let’s go back to the romantic Venice and find out what is its most expensive street: we are talking about Campo San Bartolomeo. Here you get up to 5000 euros per square meter per year for a showcase.

The request for Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan is even higher. Here the average request for an annual rent is 5800 euros per square meter. It is definitely a sought-after street for high fashion Italian clothing stores.

Opening a shop in the central and famous Piazza di Spagna in Rome is not for everyone. The rent for a shop here is a good 6300 euros per year per square meter. So it is explained why only the great  fashion houses can carve out a little place near Bernini’s Barcaccia for their Italian clothing stores.

Bronze medal for one of the most famous fashion streets in the world, every day traveled by thousands of tourists. It is one of the favorite places of Italian and international fashion houses for their shops, because it has always been synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. Covered in Italian clothing stores, here the annual rent is around 8000 euros per square meter.

Let’s go back to Milan for the two champions of this top ten. The  report  says that an annual rent in Via della Spiga exceeds 8000 euros per square meter. No wonder you have some of the best Italian clothing stores around.

Finally, the gold medal goes to Via Montenapoleone. Renting a boutique here involves an expense of 10,300 euros per square meter per year. In addition, the increase in fees was 34% over 3 years, bringing the most famous fashion street in Milan to obtain an excellent position on a global scale. In fact, according to the ranking drawn up by Cushman & Wakefiled, Via Montenapoleone is in 6th place among the most expensive and exclusive fashion streets in the world. The Italian clothing stores there will in fact make your mouth water…

Raffaella Celentano

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