06 June 2018   •   Carolina Attanasio

Instaborghi: a sensorial dip in the fjord of Furore

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«We inaugurate with a bang our new section Instaborghi, dedicated to the villages of Italy, bringing you to Furore, jewel of the Amalfi Coast»

If you have never been to Furore (official site), let’s face it, you have lived a little uselessly, and Instaborghi is also here for this: 2017 is the Year of the Villages of Italy and how could we exempt us from taking you a bit around along the boot, to discover the little wonders that you do not know? Obviously not. So let’s take advantage of the beautiful season, the holidays, the strategic weekend getaways from the city – which you will certainly be planning – to give you some useful suggestions on where to escape, what to see, what to eat. Pack your bags and follow us. Furore is the somewhat rebellious cousin of that great lady who is Amalfi, the undisputed queen of the Coast that takes her name, a stone’s throw from Salerno.

The first news about Furore indicate it as a farmhouse of Amalfi, its name derives from the characteristic Fiordo where the small beach that you will see in hundreds of images on the web is set. It is said that the first inhabitants of Furore were exiled Amalfi and, in any case, the village has never had many inhabitants, also because of its geophysical conformation, practically set in the rock, like many buildings of the Coast. Its strange conformation, however, has made Furore an unassailable stronghold over the centuries, especially during the Saracen invasions, which have left so much in the features and architectures of these places. Over time, the Fiordo has hosted the proliferation of various activities, from paper mills to water mills, currently historic buildings around the village. Today Furore, more than a real village, is a conglomeration of scattered houses, the old fishermen’s houses have been restored and are one of the characteristic features of the place. Furore, despite its size, includes three churches, San Michele, Sant’Elia and San Giacomo, whose colored domes help to identify the typical landscape of the Amalfi Coast.

What to see in Furore

Undoubtedly, the greatest attraction of Furore is its Fiordo, a spectacular corner of nature, where the rock slings into the crystal-green sea. The small beach, adorned by colorful fishing boats, is a golden refuge in the summer chaos of the bustle of tourists heading to Amalfi or Positano, which clog the curves of the main road. The Fjord of Furore is surmounted, thirty meters higher, from the bridge on which every year the Marmeeting takes place, which is a High Heights Diving Word Championship, that hosts internationally renowned athletes who perform pulse-pounding dives inside the Fjord.

What to do in Furore

Furore is an excellent point of support for visiting the Amalfi Coast, it is located along the road from Amalfi (which is 9 km away) to Positano (which is instead 18 km). From here you can explore all the wonders of the surroundings, enjoy paradisiacal landscapes and have a pied-à-terre far from the noise of the main villages. Furore is defined as the country that is not there, because the few agglomerations of houses that compose it are developed in height, narrow in the rock. Open-air walls are called “author’s walls”, precisely because of the murals that characterize them. Then do not miss the three churches mentioned just before and the many paths that lead you to walk along breathtaking views.

The typical Furore dish

Scialatielli with clams. Why am I even telling you this. I simply mention one by chance because in Campania, in terms of cuisine, you can never go wrong. In a seaside village like Furore you can’t be exonerated from enjoying the typical local flavors, and the fish is certainly one of these. Accompany it with a final limoncello and nobody will have it better than you.

A little curiosity about Furore

A miniature reproduction of the Fjord of Furore is present at the Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg, which displays the most appreciated and visited scale reconstructions of the most famous places on the planet, created with meticulous care and remarkable special effects, such as movement simulations of vehicles and people. Now, it is clear that you do not have to go to Hamburg but to Furore, because nothing can teach you the atmosphere of this village as much as living it and breathing it live. Start visiting the Instaborghi with us!

Carolina Attanasio

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