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15 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Costa dei Trulli: a journey between seaside and tradition

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«Costa dei Trulli is becoming one of the favorite destinations for Italian tourists and more. We will take you on a virtual journey to discover this area, characterized by sea and tradition.»

For some years now, in particular the Costa dei Trulli and Puglia in general, have become synonymous of tourism, and this has sparked the spotlight of the international press, which is becoming more and more interested in this area. Puglia, as it is known, is a multifaceted reality: there is Salento, there is the Gargano area, but there is also the Costa  dei Trulli, unique in its kind and, especially in the latter period, much loved by tourists from all over the world. This is thanks to several articles published in the international press, among which the one published on Traveler, the National Geographic section, entitled Puglia: Life on the Heel, published in the name of Julia Buckley.

Costa dei Trulli: more than just the sea

The Costa dei Trulli has numerous villages to visit, a basic cuisine to taste and the ancient art of hospitality. Among the towns that are on this coast, we point out Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, two destinations that have been known for a while but which are in constant growth, as well as Savelletri and Ostuni: four locations that merge architectural and landscape beauties.

Polignano a Mare

Those arriving in Polignano a Mare feel the sensation of having entered a paradise. One of the things that immediately jump out of sight is, without a doubt, the village perched on the sea, which makes the village of Domenico Modugno one of the pearls of the Atlantic. Here the cliff predominates and the coves and caves, like that of the Rondinelle or Grotta Palazzese, are a must not to be missed.

Polignano Costa dei Trulli

Walking through the narrow streets of the old town, you immediately notice that Polignano offers much more, starting with some breathtaking views, which have entered the collective imagination. Many scenic spots in which to stop to take a picture, watch the sea and the people passing, and enjoying the genuine air of this country.


Among the many seaside villages that populate the Costa dei Trulli, the one of Monopoli is one of the most evocative and characteristic. In addition to being the city of a thousand coves, Monopoli is also the village of many districts and among these there is Capitolo. The district is known for both the beaches and the many clubs and discos that flank the entire coast.

Monopoli Costa dei Trulli

Monopoli is a city of fishermen and sea, but also rich in art, culture and history. Remarkable is the Castle Carlo V, which opens the way to a promenade that brings to life long lost times, brought to mind by the defensive wall of the city, almost completely intact. One of the most striking views of the town is the old port  where small boats of fishermen from Monopoli stay before a new fishing trip.


Even Savelletri (a fraction of Fasano) is known for the sea, good food and, above all, for the fortified luxury farms. In recent years, in fact, there has been a sharp increase in visits, thanks to the presence of luxury locations.

Savelletri Costa dei Trulli

So many known marriages have been celebrated in the area. We remember that of Justin Timberlake, in Borgo Egnazia, and that of the daughter of a famous Indian iron magnate, who decided to celebrate the wedding in this area, with a 10 million dollar event.  Even Madonna has stayed at these luxury farms, making Savelletri a destination known worldwide.


Rolling towards the south you then meets Ostuni, the white city, which needs no introduction. The narrow streets of the village, which is part of the province of Brindisi and which, in some way, marks the border with the Salento, give it a magical vibe, made even more special by timeless architectural beauties. Just 8 km from the town center, there are beautiful beaches, sandier than those found in the area north of the Costa dei Trulli.

Ostuni Costa dei Trulli

Needless to say, even Ostuni boasts a noteworthy eno-gastronomic tradition, which makes it one of the favorite destinations in Puglia. In these areas, as in the rest of the Puglia region, thousands of tourists arrive every year, ready to fall in love with the sea, the sun, good food and good wine, the ancient olive trees and the hospitality of this land. Many, especially English, even end up living there, kidnapped by the beauty of life in southern Italy.

Serena Marigliano

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