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25 June 2018   •   Marcella Scialla

Best cocktail bars in Rome, with the best mixology and bartending experts

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«That of mixology is a real art, a sort of alchemical rite that is increasingly taking hold in the capital. Let’s find out what the best cocktail bars in Rome are, where you can taste artfully made drinks »

Cocktails that are refined, precise, and unique, in one word: perfect! Oh yes, because if it is important to eat well, the same goes for drinking. Therefore, as the kitchen knows how to be refined in a gourmet version, even the beverage world becomes refined thanks to the art of mixology, the new bartending technique that combines quality and meticulousness. No acrobatics with the shaker, but slow and precise gestures that make every drink a unique multisensory experience. So, after Milan, we have selected 5 of the best cocktail bars in Rome ,where you can sip the best creations of expert mixologists and bartenders. After dinner Rome will have another taste!

The Jerry Thomas Project

  • The place: have you ever heard about the prohibitionist era of the United States? Well, the roaring 20s are back! Among the first speakeasy style bars in Italy, Jerry Thomas is a unique place of its kind: sofas, rugs and lamps make the atmosphere incredible and kindness and professionalism are certainly not lacking. Before you introduce yourself to Jerry Thomas’s door, be aware that, as a private club, booking is mandatory, as is membership. But it is not enough to book in order to enter: in fact, you need to know the password! Yeah, but how do you find out? Here you need a moment to sharpen your mind and go on a little treasure hunt. On the homepage of the official website is in fact a hidden question (intriguing, right?); you just have to find it, respond correctly and enter your data so that you are sent the password to access the room.

  • Cocktails:the drink list of this cocktail bar in Rome is very respectable. The materials used are of the highest quality and the preparation and passion of the bartenders for mixing is completely felt. These characteristics justify the prices, slightly above the average compared to other premises. We forgive the price though, as this is hands down one of the best cocktail bars in Rome.


  • Cocktails:the guys at the bar will know first of all welcome you with a smile, and then advise you and suggest the perfect drink according to your tastes. The drink list offers both sought-after timeless cocktails, those that have made the history of mixology, and interesting modern interpretations of the great classics. All seasoned with professionalism and sympathy, which never hurts!

Salotto 42

  • The place: also present in Copenhagen, Salotto 42 is a real New York style loft in the historic center of Rome. A small living room where the old is combined with the modern: sofas, balustrades, chandeliers, shelves with books and magazines of all kinds. The result is a chic and refined environment, loved and frequented by an equally selected clientele. The seats aren’t many and the place is always crowded, but having to sip the cocktail outside, in Piazza di Pietra, is definitely not to be considered a fallback…!
  • Cocktails:the homemade ingredients used are the secret of the quality of the cocktails of this place, served with a touch of flair and sophistication. The choice of blends is really wide, able to satisfy anyone. Prices are a bit high, but justified by the beautiful and central location and by the fact that cocktails come from the top level of mixology. By far one of the best cocktail bars in Rome.

Club Derrière

  • Cocktails:no to wine and beer, yes to whiskey, rum, gin and tequila. The elegant bartenders, caged in a large window and surrounded by ampoules and bottles, will propose original cocktails, prepared with the necessary meticulousness.

The Race Club

  • The place:founded in 2005 by two Roman brothers, the speakeasy at the gates of the Colosseum is, among the best cocktail bars in Rome, a unique and inimitable place. At the beginning maybe, at the sight of workshop tools, tires, rims and motorcycles, you will be a bit disoriented, but this is the soul of The Race Club. It is a truly good drinking hub, furnished with industrial elements, and which you access with a specific card, well dressed and without too much “petrol” in your body.

  • Cocktails:cocktails are elaborate and sophisticated. Syrups and essences are homemade and everything is taken care of in every detail. The great classics and non-alcoholic are priced at € 10, while for some more sophisticated and particular gems – like The Chopper or Bloody a Modo Mio – just add € 2 more.

In short, Rome seems to respond rather well to Milan, always considered to be the queen of nightlife and of good drinking. I do not know about you, but I’m already looking forward to my next cocktails in these exclusive Capitoline cocktail bars!

Marcella Scialla

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