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Best burger in Rome: the best ‘hamburgeries’ of the capital

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«For all the lovers of the classic “American” stuffed sandwich, let’s discover the places where to find the best burger in Rome»

“You can not live on bread alone” someone said… but let’s not forget the stuffing! For all meat lovers, today I take you on a journey to the world of the best burgers in Rome. But first, I’ll tell you some historical facts about the meat most loved not only by the Americans! Mmany people associate the word hamburger to the city of Hamburg, in fact hamburger is a compound word and it comes from the word ham, which means ham, and burger, which means  stuffed sandwich. The ham was not as well known in the past and the word ham was only synonymous with grilled minced meat. It then spread throughout Europe. But the first real hamburger was born in New York. In 1974 an article in the New York Times wrote that the sandwiches from the famous Mc Donald’s chain were inspired by a guy who sold hamburgers in his cafe. We at Snap Italy take you to discover the places where you can taste the best burger in Rome.

The Butcher shop

A meeting point par excellence for burger lovers in Rome. The Butcher Shop is located in 3 places in northern Rome: Via Nomentana, Via di Pietralata and Via Conca d’Oro. The quality of the meat is excellent, the choice is varied, the variants can be of beef, veal, chicken or pork. You can also choose the type and weight of the meat, starting from 130 grams up until 500. The Butcher also recommends some small tricks to mix the meat to get more special and tasty flavors. For example, a sandwich with beef and pork can give a more tasty and decisive taste while another with chicken and veal is more delicate but still tasty… so says the chef! In combination, it can be filled with sauces, vegetables, cheeses or salads. The hamburger created by you can be eaten in a sandwich or a dish.  Chips are all inclusive!

T-Burger Station

A must stop on our hunt for the best burger in Rome. T-Burger is a young and innovative brand. As part of the T-bone station group, it is halfway between a fast-food and a restaurant. They also do delivery. The burgers are made with beef of national origin and strictly fresh. The meat is chianina beef or even black angus. The bread is supplied by the antico forno Roscioli, a specialty already selected in our food section, and you can choose between different variants: classic, five cereals or gluten-free. T-Burger Station is located near the Pantheon in Via della Palombella and also in the offices in Via Appia and Piazza Istria. It’s open for lunch and dinner every day.

Ham holy burger

Ham holy Burger is one of the first forerunners of the Italian hamburgerie. Their idea comes from “consecrating” the meat, hence the name  Holy (sacred). The hamburger is considered an Italian gastronomic excellence here. Every month the restaurant offers a different hamburger inspired by a particular theme. The variety of ingredients to accompany the burgers are many and particular. There are the pepperoni burgers, made of black pig with scamorza, grilled peppers and barbecue sauce, or the fassona burgers (piedmontese bovine breed) of the La granda breeder. The meat and ingredients are all exceptionally PDO. The service is very original, each table is equipped with an iPad and you can choose your favorite meat to eat and order. You can also browse using the Wi-Fi whilst waiting to eat. You can place in order even from home via an app. Get yourselves down to Ham Holy Burger, located in via Chiana and via Brescia, to find one of the best burgers in Rome.

The meat market

Considered the headquarters of all the Roman carnivores, The meat market is a fusion between a butcher and a typical American hamburgeria, where the meat is highly selected. It’s considered the master for burgers in Rome. You can choose between Chianina,  Fassona or Marchigiana. In the menu you can find a range of sandwiches with burgers divided by Italian or foreign regions combined with the typical ingredients of the associated country. Together with the hamburger, you can get cold cuts, cheese and salad. There are numerous Whilst waiting to be served you can read the newspaper L’Espresso del carnivoro, offered to the more curious customers, with information about the place. The meat market is located in the central area on Corso Vittorio Emanuele and will be opening soon in Testaccio! In these places you will find by far amongst the best burgers in Rome!


Winner of the Eataly burger championship, C1bo opens the doors for us in a post-industrial design. It was born from a northern European concept where food, music and shopping come together. Next to the hamburgerie with outdoor tables in the bistro area, you can also go shopping in the store. The selection of meat is selected from the best Italian pastures, and the scottona Piedmont is the most delicious variety to eat. You can also taste the delicious Baconcheeseburger, cheddar sauce burgers, Bismarck with grilled egg and bacon burgers or the Jackie burger with brie cheese, Parma ham, truffle sauce, lettuce and tomato. A paradise for your taste buds! C1bo is located in the Montesacro district on the Nomentana. Among the best burgers in Rome, it is open every day for lunch and dinner with the possibility of home delivery or take away.

Fonzie Burger’s House

The hamburger house in Rome consists of two rooms where you can either eat standing up or sitting at the table. The atmosphere is 1950s style with red leather sofas and fast-food style tables. You sit down, eat and feel like you’ve been catapulted into an old episode of Happy Days. Fonzie Burger’s House was born in the Jewish quarter of Rome and voted as the best burger in Rome in the FoursQuare ranking. Later on it also opened in the Prati and Bologna districts. The Fresh Burger is the typical sandwich of the place, the one with in aioli and lemon grass sauce is super delicious, and so is the Provenzale with chianina meat, almonds and mayonnaise, cooked rare. Trust us when we say you will find here the best burger in Rome.

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