Winter destinations in Italy
13 Giugno 2018   •   Redazione

Winter destinations in Italy: here are the most targeted

«Snow, relaxation and lots of fun. Even in the colder months, Italy remains very coveted, offering breathtaking views and state-of-the-art facilities. We present you with the most selected winter destinations in Italy »

In winter many women would want to escape from work, to be able to take a vacation away from everything and everyone: the white weeks (how Italians call the holidays in February), then, are an ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a winter trip devoted to relaxation, fun or physical activity. The snow, not surprisingly, is one of the most captivating realities and for many people it’s a much more appreciated factor than the sun typical of foreign destinations: this is why Italy, despite the xenophilic feeling of many, continues to be an ideal destination to enjoy of all this in winter. So how do you prepare your suitcase for a fun white week, and what are the best winter destinations in Italy to choose from?

Winter suitcase: how to prepare it and what to bring?

The only downside to a trip to one our winter destinations in Italy is the weight of the suitcase, which can easily break the rules imposed by airlines due to sweaters and other heavy clothes. So the first challenge is just this: look for a fair compromise between essential clothing (click here the perfect mountain outfit!) and lightness of luggage. Perhaps, opting for large travel bags, which are very spacious but also much less heavy than the rigid suitcases, is a good idea. In addition to clothes, do not forget about sunscreen products like this one from Lichtena, also suitable for sensitive skin: in winter, the skin requires the right protection from UV rays, especially when there is snow or when going to the mountains. Other important cosmetics for skin care are the moisturizer and an emollient for hands and lips: all products designed to protect and soothe the skin exposed to the cold. What else to pack? A light down jacket is almost mandatory, as well as technical clothes, lightweight and perfect for outdoor movement.

What are the best winter destinations in Italy for a ski holiday?

Italy is a country full of surprises, more than you can imagine, and all accessible without leaving our borders. All you need is a little wit and initiative, in addition to some useful information that can convince you of the goodness and beauty of certain destinations. For example, Madonna di Campiglio is among the best places to spend a ski holiday in the snow, nature and mountains: located in the heart of the Dolomites, this place is highly recommended for those who love activities such as trekking and mountaineering. A second particularly precious destination for a winter holiday is Spoleto, even if for completely different reasons: this Umbrian citadel, in fact, is a very quiet destination and made fascinating by its placid atmospheres. Here you can visit very old buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunta or the famous Roman Theater. Also Aosta appears in our “white” list: because of the background given by the very high snow-capped mountains, and for the presence of architectural gems such as the Roman Amphitheater and the cloister of the Collegiata di Sant’Orso. For those who love villages lost in time, however, the advice is to visit Sutri in Lazio: a precious opportunity to discover a village that seems to remain motionless in the Middle Ages. In winter, then, the colors of this village are transformed, giving unique sensations and an almost mystical landscape. Finally, we close with Limone sul Garda (Brescia): for the lovers of lakes and villages, this destination is the perfect mix.

Now that you know the best winter destinations in Italy and how to pack your suitcase you have nothing left to do but to depart!