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25 June 2018   •   Marcella Scialla

Special places to eat in Rome: discover the most unusual restaurants of the city

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«Enchanted woods, trams, planes and down to earth restaurants: there are many places to eat in Rome where you can spend an evening out of the ordinary. Are you ready to have a unique gastronomic experience?»

If you are tired of having dinner at the usual restaurant, here is a list of peculiar restaurants in Rome, where you can spend an evening out of the box with friends and experiment with new concepts of catering. Woods, jungles, medieval settings, genuine trattorias and even trams and planes will be the next destinations for your unique dinners, full of fun. Let’s take a look at these  special places to eat in Rome: a small journey through the strangest and most peculiar restaurants in the capital.

La Parolacciaamong the unusual places where to eat in Rome, La parolaccia is certainly the most famous. Founded in the heart of Trastevere in 1941, its particularity lies in the “bold and colorful” service. As you can guess from the name of the place, the waiters and entertainers will swear at you during the entire dinner so if you are shy or touchy, it’s better to avoid the place! La Parolaccia visitors must in fact be in the spirit and keep up with the game, because the jokes can be really insulting and with no holds barred! Dinner, based on typical Roman dishes in abundant portions, ends up in the background: the true protagonist of the restaurant is the cabaret show. Roman stornelli, spicy jokes and disguised waiters will make you spend a truly unique evening, certainly unforgettable. Surely one of the most incredible special places to eat in Rome.

Ristoaereowelcome on board ! Among the peculiar places where to eat in Rome, this one that develops inside an airplane built in 1957 is truly original! The airside tables are reserved for couples, while the Jungle room surrounding the aircraft is perfect for dinners with friends or colleagues. The hall staff – or rather the stewards – wear the classic crew’s uniform and will be ready to accommodate you for boarding and serving you. The commander proposes a slightly revisited Mediterranean cuisine, and pasta and bread are strictly made “on the plane”.

Tramjazzappointment is on the quay of Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 9 pm, waiting for the tram: this time, however, not to return home after a day of work, but to enjoy dinner on the rails around the beauties of Rome, to the sound of jazz. It’s a long itinerary that culminates at the Colosseum, during which dinner is served based on typical Lazio products and in which the band, positioned at the center of the tram, involves the public with its high-level musical proposals. Among the special places where to eat in Rome, Tramjazz is a unique restaurant where to spend an evening in perfect harmony between food, beauty and entertainment.

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La Leggenda di Avalonare you ready to take a dip in the past? Entering this restaurant you will be directly catapulted into the Middle Ages. A unique room, characterized by the particular scenography that makes it identical to an old castle, complete with a round table, armor, banners and sword in the rock. Even the dining room staff, disguised as knights, crusaders and jesters, help to give this unusual restaurant a unique and old-fashioned atmosphere. The cuisine also reflects the historical era, proposing dishes with names that recall the dinners of ladies and knights. Some examples? Carbonara, amatriciana and gricia are found in the menu under the heading “the old courtesans”, while the “arrostecchi” are transformed into “stecchi reali”.

Tam Tama real jungle in the heart of the Pigneto district, which can only be accessed via a slide. Once you land on comfortable cushions, the atmosphere that you will find before your eyes is really impressive: trees, leaves, gorillas and crocodiles make the environment wild and original. Welcomed by a talking parrot, it is possible to taste a good gastronomic offer, wrapped in an engaging and friendly atmosphere. Definitely one of the most particular places to eat in Rome not to be missed.

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Il bosco delle fateat the Castelli Romani – precisely in Marino – there is an enchanted forest, in perfect fantasy style. Leprechauns, fairies and gnomes crowd the walls of the room, making the atmosphere truly magical. Branches and climbing plants, lights here and there as if they were fireflies give this place an enchanted and fairy-tale-like vibe. As for the gastronomic offer, the formula of the sandwich “do it yourself” really manages to satisfy every palate, while, in terms of beverages, cocktails and beers are very appealing.

Betto e Mary: a typical Roman trattoria, just like those of the past! If you are a Roman doc and want to enjoy the flavors and breathe the atmosphere of the most authentic Rome, Betto e Mary is the restaurant for you. No frills but so much tradition: the environment is informal and homemade, the service is fun and easy and the cuisine is typical and genuine. The menus do not exist, but the waiters – funnily “caciaroni ” – will know how to expose all the specialties of the house: tripe, tail alla vaccinara, sweetbreads and offal in abundance! So, if you are longing for grandma’s style cooking and you are one of those who always like to joke, among the particular places where to eat in Rome this deserves to be visited!

In short, you are really spoiled for choice for special and unusual places to eat in Rome. Just get your evenings organized and experience them all!

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