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21 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Italian presenter and his mind blowing wages: here’s a list

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«Famous, yes, but not only! In an unmissable top 5, there is the perfect image for the Italian presenter par excellence, real artists who on the small screen have consecrated themselves, especially from an economic point of view. »

Our televisions owe their success to the many Italian presenters who enter our homes every day, keeping us company from morning until late at night; but the Italian public perhaps does not imagine the dizzying figures earned by these artists, who have climbed into the Olympus thanks to the signatures on top secret and very rich contracts. They are real Scrooges of the TV, that between a quiz, a festival or a singing event, tread the main scenes of the Italian showbiz impeccably and with a smile on their face… how can you blame them? So, with the memory of Fabrizio Frizzi being still quite vivid, let’s find out which is the richest Italian presenter.

Fabio Fazio

First to enter our list of the top five richest Italian presenters is Fabio Fazio. Born in 1964 in Savona, he began his career as an imitator; the real success, however, he obtained in 1993 when he conducted Quelli che il Calcio, a program that consecrated him to the general public. After a small trip to the La7 channel, the doors of the Sanremo Festival were opened for him in 1999 and 2000, with record ratings then replicated in the years 2013 and 2014, when he will return to the Ariston, this time also as artistic director flanked by Luciana Littizzetto.

Since 2003 he has been leading the program Che tempo che fa, recently passed from the channels Rai 3 to Rai 1, although not without some controversy, but so much so that the talk-show was immediately successful not only with the public, but also with critics; in 2007 it won the Regia Televisiva Award as one of the ten best programs of the year. Fabio Fazio at the moment seems to enjoy a salary of about three million euros a year, including the rights on the format and revenue as a producer.

Paolo Bonolis

In our ranking of the richest Italian presenters, Paolo Bonolis, born in Rome in 1961, could not be missing. He made his debut on the small screen as the head of the program for children par excellence: Bim Bum Bam. The real success, however, came a few years later, when Mediaset entrusted him with the management of some of the most followed and beloved TV programs in the afternoon: I cervelloniBeato tra le donneTira e MollaChi ha incastrato Peter PanStriscia la Notizia, and Il Senso della vita. On “Mother Rai” (as Italians call Italy’s national broadcaster) he will lead Domenica InAffari Tuoi and many more. Just like Fazio, even Bonolis conducted the Sanremo Festival, for the first time in 2005 (alone) and again in 2009, in the company of the trusted Luca Laurenti. In both cases, of course, the ratings were sky high.

Currently at the head of the Avanti un altro pre-evening appointment, he has always been very criticized for his high economic demands, mainly related to his contracts with the Mediaset broadcasting company. In fact, in 1998, it seems that his fee was ah high as even 18 billion liras. To date, however, his contract is around six million euros a year.


Gerry Scotti

Born in 1956, he was perhaps one of the few Italian presenters to have been a Parliamentarian during his life; his career began as a disk jockey, while he owes his television success to Mediaset, where he was hired to condict programs such as PassaparolaLa sai la Ultima? Chi vuol essere Milionario?La corridaPaperissima and Lo show dei Record.

But not only that: over the years, his skills have led him to be a great actor, singer and in recent times a judge alongside Maria De Filippi in the programs Tu si que Vales and Italia’s Got Talent. His salary amounts to over two million euros a year (Virginio registry office) and he is currently also exploring a career as a voice actor and advertising testimonial. Italian presenter much loved and appreciated by all the public

Antonella Clerici

It’s not just men out there: our next Italian presenter is in fact a woman. Born in Legnano, she also entered right into our ranking of to the richest Italian presenters. Her wonderful career began in the eighties, even if the real success came in the nineties, when Rai entrusted her with the conducting various sports programs.

Conductor with great success of the Sanremo Festival in 2010, which for the fourth time sees a woman as the absolute protagonist; soon she becomes the true champion of children thanks to the program Ti lascio una canzone. Antonella Clerici, who has been conducting the cooking program  “Prova del Cuoco” since 2005, currently receives a salary of two million euros a year.

Michele Santoro

Finally, among the richest Italian presenters, there is a Salerno-born journalist (1951), who started out with Rai, becoming the Deputy Director of Tg3, and conducting programs that have remained in the history of television. The reference is to Michele Santoro and his Samarcanda, which earned him the Premio Europa GionalisticoIl Rosso e il Nero and Real Time.

This italian presenter in 1996 he left Rai to move to Mediaset, but only for a short time, seeing that in 1999 he returned to Rai with Sciuscia. Leaving aside the television for a brief experience as a member of parliament, he returns in 2006 on Rai2 with Annozero, a program that he will conduct for a long time, until the break with the top and his transition to La7, with whom he will collaborated until 2015, the year of his return to Rai. Michele Santoro currently earns more than two million euros a year

Argia Renda

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