Italian leather gloves
24 June 2018   •   Francesca D’Arienzo

Italian leather gloves: a classic that never goes out of fashion

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«Let’s go over the history of leather gloves together, an accessory that has never lost its appeal over the years: and when it’s Italian leather gloves in question, then the matter has suddenly become all the more interesting.»

Class, elegance and refinement: these are the characteristics of leather gloves, a must that should never be missing in your wardrobe: all the more so when we’re talking about Italian leather gloves. To wear on any occasion, they give your look an an extra boost, both in elegant and casual chic outfits. The history of the glove has ancient origins and, for those who do not know it, it is full of anecdotes that give it a strong aura of nobility. Originally, it was not always considered a luxury item, but also a necessity item.

The first use of gloves dates back, in fact, to the Egyptian civilization. The pharaohs wore them as a sign of prestige; the women, instead, to protect the beauty of their hands, smeared them with honey and scented oils and then covered them with light silk gloves. The Romans, for their part, exalted their practicality using them, in silk or linen, to take food.

Only later the glove became a sign of distinction and spread to the Catholic Church where, starting from the 11th century, it was considered part of the liturgical ornamentation. They then became the most important frieze in women’s clothing in the most diverse variations: decorated with precious stones or pearls, embroidered and perfumed. Until the 1930s the glove was considered a sure sign of elegance, a true status symbol: only the woman who, in any season, wore gloves with socks and a hat, could boast the title of “lady”.

There are many Italian artisans who are still dedicated to the creation of leather gloves and who have to follow a timely process to make handmade Made in Italy gloves. The first phase requires the selection of the leathers that are then refined and dyed. We continue with the cut that takes place with the help of precision lines and appropriate scissors. This is followed by the so-called “shearing” phase, which consists in calibrating the glove’s measurements according to size and model. After this step there is the sewing and finishing phase, which finally leads to the actual realization of the glove.

The meticulous care for details and the choice of fabrics makes Italian leather gloves, high quality and precious, a fashion garment of absolute prestige, able to make the style of those who have the pleasure of having them “in their hands” unique.

Francesca D’Arienzo


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