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08 July 2018   •   Redazione

Best views in Rome: the 7 most beautiful views of the Eternal City

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«As we all know, our capital is a city full of beauty, and so are the panoramas it offers us. In this article we want to recommend seven of the best views in Rome that will make you be amazed by the charm of this city.»

Today  we want to show you another face of Caput Mundi, we want to show you some of the best views in Rome. Our capital is visited every year by millions and millions of tourists and the main destinations usually chosen by all are the Colosseum, the Altare della Patria, the Fori ImperialiFontana di Trevi and so on and so forth. Not to take anything away from these extraordinary constructions, but the Rome we want to illustrate in this article is a different Rome, in which you can capture all the beauty of our beloved city.

Giardino degli Aranci

Parco Savello (institutional site), better known as the Giardino degli Aranci  is certainly one of the most famous and best views in Rome. It stands on the Aventine, and it was built in 1932 by Raphael Vico, in that area where there was the ancient fort of the Savelli family. Prior to its construction, the garden space was used as a vegetable garden by Dominican friars. and it is precisely in honor of St. Dominic, who preached under an orange tree, that this park takes its particular name. It is no coincidence that Parco Savello is full of orange fruit in winter!

Terrazza del Campidoglio

Behind the famous Piazza del Campidoglio, right on the homonymous street, an incredible view will open up before you, a must-see stop especially for lovers of archeology. In fact, the terrace of the famous Roman hill overlooks the Colosseum and the Roman Forums, allowing you to admire all their beauty at a very close distance!

vedute di Roma

Credit: @Francesca Celani

Terrazza del Pincio

Another obligatory stop to fully enjoy the wonders of Rome. It rises above Piazza del Popolo and is considered one of the best views in Rome. Also, if you go on the terrace, you must walk around the beautiful and romantic garden of the Pincio, one of the most characteristic and famous of the entire capital.

vedute di Roma

Credit: @Gloria Palladino

Via Nicolò Piccolomini

It is one of the most evocative streets of the capital, which deserves to be fully included in the list of the best views in Rome. Here the big dome plays a bad prank: paradoxically, the further you leave the belvedere, the more the dome of St. Peter will seem great, and when you arrive at the beginning of the street, you will have the impression that it dominates the whole space. No magic trick! It’s just an optical illusion (we talked about it here), which this strategic point creates for the human eye. We recommend that you visit this place especially in the evening, where the illuminated dome of St. Peter will offer you an even more magnificent spectacle.

vedute di Roma

Credit: @Francesca Celani

Piazzale Socrate 

Not very well known, it is a place that is a bit left to itself, but that should really be re-evaluated for the splendid view it offers. Surrounded by scrub and weeds, even if it is not very well looked after, the Piazzale Socrate lookout offers a breathtaking view, where the dome of St. Peter is king. It is located between via Plato and via Fedro, in the north of Rome.

Gianicolo Walk

Surely the Gianicolo walk could not be left out from the list of the most strategic points to admire the panorama of the Capital. One of the best points of the walk is the Gianicolo terrace, which extends under the famous statue of Garibaldi: on one side it overlooks the dome of San Pietro (to the west), while on the other (towards the east) you can see almost see the whole of the rest of the city. Another good point of the walk is the Constitution Wall, which is just ahead of the terrace. It is called in this way because the Italian constitution of 1849 is engraved on the wall of the belvedere. Very suggestive and particular is also the esplanade where there is the Gianicolo lighthouse: it overlooks the Rebibbia prison, and often relatives and friends of the prisoners come here to talk to their loved ones in prison (obviously screaming)!

The Zodiac

The Zodiac is the name used to indicate a small terrace on the top of Monte Mario, in the northern part of Rome, from which you can enjoy a spectacular panorama. On the spot there is a beautiful panoramic restaurant, called precisely the Zodiac, where you can dine enjoying the view of an illuminated Rome. A very romantic place, it is the destination of many couples.

But in any case, from any point you look at it, Rome remains an extraordinary city, a symbol of eternity and beauty without equal: it makes us proud to be Roman, but above all, to be Italian.
Goethe said: «Rome is the capital of the world! In this place the whole history of the world is linked up again, and I count on having been born a second time, of being truly risen, the day I set foot in Rome. Its beauties lifted me up to their height little by little»

Francesca Celani

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