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04 Luglio 2018   •   Carolina Attanasio

Tibetan bridges in Italy: Do you like adventure and adrenaline?

«Breathtaking routes and a beautiful adrenaline rush: if you love hiking and outdoor activities, we will introduce you to four of the most beautiful Tibetan bridges in Italy»

Italy, just like a beautiful woman, has morphological curves that make everyone happy: from the reassuring flatness of the plains, to the scenic routes of the coast, to the air voids in the mountains, the tastes of every traveler are satisfied by the north all the way to the South. So it happens that you come across itineraries suspended by exotic names, such as the Tibetan bridges: the fact that they are named like this does not imply that you have to organize a seven-year trip to Tibet, and Brad Pitt is not included in the price, but – if you have some sense of adventure – crossing one of these bridges is a nice alarm clock for your latent adrenaline. Add to this the breathtaking landscape in which these suspended itineraries are located, and you will get the perfect outdoor experience. We have discovered some of the best tibetan bridges in Italy.

Il Ponte della Luna (Basilicata)

Recently opened, it boasts the distinction of being the highest between tibetan bridges in Italy, 120 meters in height and 300 meters in length, a real health walk. If Armstrong had known that from one of these tibetan bridges the moon is so close, perhaps he would have spared to go there with the Apollo 11. In any case, equip yourself with courage and minerals, because the path is structured so as to make you feel like you’re walking in absolute emptiness. This incredible suspended route is located in Sasso di Castalda and can be reached through the narrow streets of the historic center and a first 95-meter long bridge. The Ponte della Luna, to be crossed as if there were no tomorrow, is made up of many iron pegs connected by steel ropes and nothing else, so as to have a total view of the creek below, 120 meters down. Take a deep breathe and off you go, all you can do is move forward whilst humming ” I believe I can fly”.  At the end of the path there is a glass sky-walk, so you will have one last chance to lose your senses. You can also cross the area on the via ferrata, iron steps set into the rock to be crossed whilst being harnessed.

Judgment: only for the tough ones.

Ponte delle Ferriere (Tuscany)

Definitely more suitable for the weak of heart, this suspended route is actually a pedestrian walkway connecting Mammiano Basso and Popiglio, crossing the Lima torrent to San Marcello Pistoiese. 36 meters high, it can be safely walked by anyone. It’s only been there since 1923, when Vincenzo Douglas Scotti, Count of San Giorgio alla Scala and director of the Italian Metallurgical Society, had it built to allow his workers to go to work. Over time, of course, it has undergone major maintenance and safety work, which today makes it an attraction for those who do trekking or hiking in the area. Surely one of the best tibetan bridges in Italy.

Rating: no risk for your coronary arteries.

itinerari sospesi
Il Ponte delle Ferriere in Toscana

The Cesana Claviere Bridge (Piedmont)

Just 478 meters and then the fear is gone: among all of the Tibetan bridges this one is the longest in the world. Like most of the suspended itineraries, it’s closed in winter and opens from spring to autumn. The route crosses the Gorge di San Gervasio, a spectacular view of calcareous-dolomitic rocks that enclose marine fossils, reflecting the presence of the sea in past ages. In short, if during the walk you really have to curse out of fear, at least you will do it in the echo of a landscape that is mythological, to say the least. The route is divided into three bridges, the last of which is suspended 90 meters from the ground. Bridges can also be reached via the via ferrata.

Judgment: to be approached with awe.

Tibetan Bridge on the Ferrata Dibona (Veneto)

But what if I were looking for Tibetan bridges in Italy “immersed” in Tibet? Just move on to the Dolomites! Already arriving to the Tibetan bridge is a remarkable experience, passing by a metal ladder and crossing a wooden walkway that leads into a former war tunnel; continue on the rocks until you get to the bridge, “only” 30 meters long, but really impressive for the view that it offers while walking on the wooden planks. It fluctuates a bit it’s safe. The bridge represents the heart of the entire railway track, which can take you to the top of the Cristallino (3008 meters), or you can continue on the Dibona path. The interesting thing about this itinerary, apart from the beauty of the Dolomites, is that along the way you will come across a series of ancient refuges and military fortifications, miraculously set in the rock for decades; the thought of how hard it must be to stay there during the war will lighten the weight of the path, which nevertheless needs to be programmed down to the last detail to be completely crossed.

Judgment: only for true mountain lovers.

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La Ferrata Dibona sulle Dolomiti

Carolina Attanasio