MIlano Marittima Shopping
24 Giugno 2018   •   Raffaella Celentano

Milano Marittima shopping: a walk through luxury and vintage

«Today the Shopping Maps  column brings you to the discovery of the Milano Marittima shopping in the Romagna Riviera, with all its luxury brands, Italian crafts and (unmissable) vintage markets»

After a tour along the Amalfi Coast (click here to review the last stop) Shopping Maps moves to the North Italian Center, in one of the most glamorous coasts of the whole Peninsula. The Adriatic coast, in fact, was the setting for Italians’ holidays in the Fifties and Sixties, and then became a destination for international tourism and the  jet setters  linked to the world of football, sport and TV. But fashion also makes its appearance, and  shopping in the Romagna Riviera turns into a truly unique experience when we’re talking about Milano Marittima shopping. Moreover, it is a place full of boutiques which, through research and experimentation, keep up with the latest trends.

Riccione and Milano Marittima are the places with the highest vocation for luxury purchases. These are two glamorous cities with entire areas occupied by shops of the  most prestigious international fashion brands: viale Ceccarini in Riccione and viale Matteotti in Milano Marittima are the best known. Rimini, on the other hand, is more oriented towards a sophisticated and unusual shopping. In the summer on Friday evenings, in the central Piazza Cavour, there is a vintage and antique market (in winter, during the last Sunday of the month). Even Cattolica offers several ideas for shopping, while the main area to assault if you want to go shopping in Misano Adriatico, is that included between Via Piemonte, Marconi, D’Annunzio and Piazza della Repubblica.

In short, the Riviera offers many possibilities for shopping. From the shops, to the shopping centers through outlets and second-hand shops, to the most innovative brands, born from the genius of Romagna. Here are the unmissable stops for an unforgettable shopping experience on the Riviera. Are you ready for Milano Marittima shopping?

Milano Marittima shopping

Let’s start with  Milano Marittima, the heart of the Romagna VIP nightlife, where shopping is strictly designer. The fashion lovers hardly ever give up a visit at  Julian Fashion in Via Matteotti, a veritable temple of fashion for men, women and children, in which you can find many brand luxury including Missoni, Prada, Miu Miu, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana. Extremely enticing for men is  Francis Uomo, exclusive to Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana Intimo, Cavalli and Pignatelli. These are the trendiest shops in the city, but if you’re looking for bargains it’s best to turn your attention to  the weekly market, which is held on Mondays from May to September along the I Traversa. Every Tuesday evening from May to September, instead, in Viale Bologna you will find Il Giardino dei semplici, the herbalist market exhibition. Milano Marittina shopping really cannot be ignored!

Rimini shopping

We pass from Milano Marittima to Rimini, and continue our shopping on the Riviera journey. Among the streets of the center, especially Corso d’Augusto, via Garibaldi and via IV Novembre, the shopping streets are truly endless. You can find many shops, some of prestigious brands such as Luisa SpagnoliMarina Rinaldi or Patrizia Pepe next to more cheap shops like Tezenis. We would like to mention, of course,  Luisa Rimini, one of the historic boutiques of the Romagna town. Known for the selection of sophisticated collections, it’s been dominating the scene for over 40 years.

For lovers of vintage: you can not miss a visit to Le civette vintage shop a treasure trove of vintage gems. Entering this shop is like taking a dip into the past, with its dresses, jackets, coats, bags, shoes and accessories of various kinds, even second-hand, without forgetting patterns, fabrics and models that have made the history of fashion.

Riccione shopping

If, then, you are passionate about markets, Rimini is the right place for you! In addition to the weekly market, which takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Piazza Malatesta and Piazza Cavour, in the summer there is a flourishing of antique markets, crafts and collectibles. Every Friday evening in Piazza Cavour, for example, the antiques market is held; in Marina Centro (Tuesday evening from June to September) there is the Chi Cerca Trova, antique market, with old things and collectibles; finally, at the Darsena Marina in Rimini, every Saturday night there is  Ricordi in the attic, a festival of modernism, vintage and antiques, and every Friday there is the Craft Fair.

Between  Riccione  and Cattolica  the three boutiques symbol of international shopping are  Antonia Boutique, founded in Riccione in 1974,  Gaudenzi, a modern and refined space dedicated to experimental proposals and famous brands, and the unmissable  Guidi Cult in the heart of Cattolica.

In Riccione, again, there is  Hector Pelletteria, an icon of leather processing. Here you can buy boots, jackets, hand-made bags of excellent quality. Hector, originally from Argentina, opened his first store in 1976 right here in Riccione, where his trendy models depopulated immediately since the early 80s. Passionate about horses and adventure, he has created collections dedicated to the country western and the Motorcycle world, becoming a true shopping establishment on the Riviera.

We close our tour with the cutting edge of Romagna fashion. We are talking about  Brandina the Made in Italy line of bags and accessories made with the fabric of sea beds. The idea was born during the creation of the photographic book dedicated to the Adriatic Riviera by the designer and photographer Marco Morosini. Morosini has decided to use the material of which traditional beach beds are made to create original over-covers for the book. In doing so, he discovered for the first time the potential of the fabric, and so he decided to create bags and accessories created by handcraft production. Today, Brandina has established itself as an icon of seaside design. The Brandina World contains over 50 years of tradition and heritage, and the brand  conveys the colors of Italian beaches and the atmosphere in its items.

To conclude, Milano Marittima shopping is an excellent idea for all fashion lovers.

Raffaella Celentano