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04 Luglio 2018   •   Carolina Attanasio

Instaborghi: Riscone di Brunico, the wonder of the Val Pusteria

«Immersed in the valleys of Trentino, Riscone di Brunico is the village of sportsmen and outdoor mountain lovers, with an eye to shopping and the goodness of the gastronomic tradition of the Val Pusteria»

Beautiful, snow-covered, medieval, Riscone di Brunico (tourist site) is the weekly protagonist of Instaborghi (click here for the previous editions), one of the preferred destinations in Trentino Alto Adige. Surrounded by mountains and trails, Brunico is the mecca village for sportsmen, even professionals, who choose this place for their retreats or for a bit of healthy relaxation. Brunico is the center of the Val Pusteria, a center of attraction for travelers of all ages: at 835 meters above sea level, the village borders the Valle Aurina, the glaciers of the Zillertal Alps, the Val Badia and the peaks of the Dolomites. This makes Brunico a strategic point to explore some of the symbolic places of Trentino Alto Adige.

What to see in Brunico

The history of Brunico dates back to 1250, when the Bishop-Count Bruno of Wullenstätten built a castle, thus laying the foundation stone of what was to become the symbol of the Val Pusteria. Flourishing over the centuries, in commerce and culture, Brunico is famous for its castle, which towers over the village and houses one of the Messner Mountain Museen, that of RIPA, dedicated to the mountains. The Austro-Hungarian cemetery is also fascinating, being the tomb of numerous soldiers of a thousand different origins. The Stadtgasse – the central street – that is considered the most beautiful shopping street in Trentino, characterizes the city center. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of Brunico and the surrounding valley, climb up the Plan de Corones, where a 11-meter platform is set up with an unlimited view of the landscape, while the Concordia della Pace bell tolls at 12.00 from its pointed bell tower. Brunico has a deep connection with the surrounding nature, you can get an idea of it through the cultural path of Gais, a path along which some artists have installed their works of art to honor the great personalities who lived in the area.

What to do in Brunico

Trentino, we know, is one of the meccas for sportsmen and mountain lovers: Brunico is one of the most coveted places as a base for both winter activities and summer excursions. Plan de Corones is a stone’s throw away, accessible by Skibus or the Ski Pusteral Express train, which leaves you at the foot of the lifts. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, snowshoes, sledges, skates: you are spoiled for choice! In the immediate vicinity you can find Riscone, another renowned ski resort, where you can also practice tennis, football, golf. St. George and its river islands are ideal if you are in the mood for romance, while if you are looking for a dip in culture, in Stegona you will find an ancient settlement of Roman origin.

What to eat in Brunico

Many of the specialties of Trentino Alto Adige have their origins in the Val Pusteria, ever since the times when this area was desolate and the population mostly devoted to agriculture. The Tirtlan from Pusteria are the top specialty: flour, salt and warm water are used to form thin sheets which enclose a savory filling of your choice, a must-try. The speck, the undisputed king of mountain charcuterie, finds one of its best variants in the Alto Adige area. The Schultzkrapfen are as good as they are unpronounceable: they are ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta, to try only after having learned the right spelling.

A little Curiosity

Riscone di Brunico is a privileged destination for retreats of various sports groups and teams, from football to basketball: Inter is practically at home in the area, sometimes even AC Roma makes stops here. Even basketball teams have a predilection for the area, for example Bayern München Basketball is a regular guest. If you are on an excursion, do not miss out on eating in a cabin along the way: it is said that the more authentic is the cabin, the more delicious the typical cuisine will be. People from Brunico have a weakness for essences and aromatic herbs, so it will be easy to find spicy aromas and herbal oils in the area.

Carolina Attanasio