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Lake Fiastra: a combination of Arizona and Switzerland, in the Marche

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«A little Swiss, a little American, but above all proud to be Italian: that’s how you feel in lake Fiastra, a small town in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains»

How is it possible to walk through the rocks of the Grand Canyon and then find yourself on the shores of a Swiss lake? Simply by going to lake Fiastra (institutional site), a small village in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains in the province of Macerata. This place is one of those all Italian “goodies”, in which contrasting elements blend in harmony with each other, giving a show that only an Italian landscape is capable of giving.


Credits: @Francesca Celani

Lake Fiastra

The scenario that occurs when we find ourselves in front of the homonymous artificial lake is breathtaking: a stretch of crystal clear water makes its way through the gentle mountains covered with greenery. As much as the Swiss lakes of Härzlisee or Bannalp, Lake Fiastra is a tourist destination of great interest. Here, in addition to the natural spectacle, you can enjoy a beach that offers the opportunity to relax surrounded by nature.  You can also practice fishing and organize boat trips to admire the beauty of the place in the best way.

Lake Fiastra is suitable for both young people who decide to spend a day differently in the company of friends, and for families who want to take their children for a picnic on the lawn. It is also the ideal place for couples wishing to take a romantic walk along the path that runs along the lake. But if you hear noises coming from the vegetation do not be alarmed: it is only the wild boars that roam in the Sibillini Mountains National Park!

The Red Blades: the all- Italian Grand Canyon


Credits: @Francesca Celani

If the lake of Fiastra, due to its features, is reminiscent of an alpine lake, the Lame Rosse remembers in all respects the rocks of the Grand Canyon. These rock formations are located above the lake, and seem to have little in common with the surroundings. In fact, they stand out towards the sky, are yellowish in color and are not very familiar to the Italian landscape.

However they manage to form a wonderful harmony with the surrounding places, and will give you the feeling of being in the mountains of Colorado, even though you are in the heart of the Marche. The Red Blades are not very extensive, and can be visited with an excursion of about 3 hours. But if you are not a trekking expert you don’t have anything to fear anyway! In fact, they are easily doable and ideal for a special family trip! With their itineraries of about 7 km, the Lame Rosse is a fascinating landscape, suitable for nature lovers and surreal landscapes.

But if you are lazier and don’t like long walks, you can go to Belvedere Rufella in the small village of Fiegni. Better known as ” the overhang ” by the inhabitants of the area, it’s a promontory of almost two meters that rises above the lake of Fiastra, and allows you to admire the splendor of crystal clear water between the majesty of the Sibillini Mountains.

Other interesting places near Lake Fiastra


Credits: @Francesca Celani

Another wonder of the Fiastrian nature is the Fiastrone Gorges: they are made up of points where the rocks between which the torrent flows are so close that they create “gorges “. The route is more complicated than that of the Lame Rosse, but it is a show not to be missed and ideal to visit in the summer season.

Other places of interest are the Gole del FIastrone: they are located above the Fiastrone Gorges, and there are three caves of karst origin formed by the erosion of atmospheric agents. In the 13th century they were used by the Clareni friars in their lives as hermits, while during the Second World War they were used by the partisans to hide from their enemies.

What to eat in Fiastra

If you are a lover of Made in Italy products, surely Fiastra is the place for you! Among the most deserving local products we find ciauscolo, vincisgrassi, truffle and Varnelli, an anise-flavoured dry liqueur.

A country that deserves to be known for its beauty

Fiastra is one of those idyllic places, very touristy but never overcrowded, ideal in any season. In winter you will be enchanted by the spectacle of the snow-capped Sibillini Mountains, while during the summer you can enjoy thelake to the fullest.

Unfortunately, in the last year the village of Fiastra has been at the center of the news for the earthquake of magnitude 6.5 that in October 2016 upset the whole area of ​​Macerata and central Italy. That same nature that makes this place charming is able to transform from a loving mother to a “wicked stepmother”, as Giacomo Leopardi himself thought of the Marche. Many structures in the country were destroyed, but the Fiastrensi immediately rolled up their sleeves to ensure that Fiastra did not let itself be overthrown by such tragedy, continuing instead to be the destination of many travelers and lovers of nature.

Surely those who love Italian landscapes can’t help but visit this wonderful place, especially at a similar time, in which it needs all the support and importance that such a place deserves to have. To get all the necessary information about the activities and facilities of the Fiastra municipality, click here!

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