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04 July 2018   •   Carolina Attanasio

Italian islands: from Ischia to Elba, the most beautiful Italian islands in autumn

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«Autumn is the new summer of the Italian islands, perfect destinations if you are looking for a weekend away from the clamor of the city.»

Italian islands to the rescue! As if the successes of this summer were not enough – one of the most prosperous in Italy, from the point of view of tourism – archipelagos and various islands continue to contend tourists and travelers, who do not exhaust their desire for vacation at the end of August. Thanks to the really mild climate and reasonable off-season prices, every weekend is the ideal excuse to escape overseas and enjoy the wonders of the most beautiful Italian islands. We give you the top five, you only have to embark on your trip.


Deep south of Italy, intense season scents, deserted beaches, crazy weather, indescribable cuisine. Lampedusa has everything you need for a lonely escape, the island will never have looked so beautiful. Blessed by a truly unique landscape, marked by the irregularity of coasts and rocks, Lampedusa is really among the most beautiful Italian islands, with its wonderful and disturbing caves and that solitary and simple. Twenty-six kilometers of coastline are more than enough for your autumn getaway, white beaches and blue waters only possible at that Mediterranean latitude. The north of the island is characterized by a steep coast, between rocks and stacks, while the south side, which is flat, is characterized by most of the most beautiful fine white sand beaches. The Spiaggia dei Conigli, the most well known, has been repeatedly declared the most beautiful in the world. Overlooking the small islet of the Congili, accessible by foot at low tide, and is a marine protected area because of the carettacaretta turtles, which lay their eggs here. The clearly Mediterranean cuisine revolves around the fish and the exquisetely good wines of Lampedusa and Linosa.


We vaguely go back towards the north, but we’re still in Sicily. Among the unforgettable Italian islands, Pantelleria occupies a special place in the heart. Of volcanic origin, this island really spurs a mystical energy, under the stillness of its mantle of burning earth. In autumn it’s perfect to be explored and enjoyed in all its magnificence. It has an immense heritage of biodiversity and many places of interest, such as the Mirror of Venus, a natural lake built on the crater of a volcano, so called because it was the place where the Goddess Venus was mirrored before meeting Bacchus. The Natural Sauna of Sibà instead, is a cave born in a fault from which aqueous steam rises at 40 degrees, a very characteristic place to enjoy the view and take particular pictures. Pantelleria is full of archaeological areas, such as the Acropolis of San Marco and Santa Teresa, of Roman origin, and the Sesi, megalithic constructions of North African origin. Even here, among fabulous seafood and volcanic wines, does the Pantelleria Passito ring a bell?


Forget about Capri, for once, the Queen of Campania in autumn is Ischia. The island is one of the largest spas in Europe, practically a huge hotel with endless choices, and what better excuse than the spa to spend you your relaxing weekend here? Hotel Ischia is your watchword for exploring the beauties of the island, which – in addition to its thermal heritage – enjoys more than respectable views, architecture and history. The Aragonese Castle is the symbol of the island and certainly worth a visit. The Poseidon Gardens are the most famous of Ischia and among the most beautiful in Europe. Forio is the largest municipality, it’s recognizable by the famous Torrione, the largest of the ancient watch towers used against the Saracens; the town is full of small churches and basilicas, with typical Mediterranean shapes, overlooking the sea, like the Chiesa del Soccorso. The majolica ceramics decorate the most characteristic entrances and corners of the island. Fish and typical pastry from Campania won’t make you forget this place easily.

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The lunate island, so named for its crescent shape, is even more beautiful when it’s not stormed by the summer ocean crowds. Known for its suggestive settings, made of coves and inlets between the headlands, Ponza is one of the most beautiful Italian islands. The most famous beach, Chiaia di Luna, is named after the tiny stones of the coast, which give the beach its characteristic bright white color. If time allows it, visit the Pilate Caves, caves from the Roman era containing the fish ponds where the Romans raised the moray eels. Ponza is part of the Circeo National Park, one of the oldest natural reserves in Italy. While you’re there, do not forget to taste the typical wines of the island, such as the Fieno di Ponza, accompanied by stuffed calamari or spaghetti with the fellone crab.


Napoleonically known in the world, Elba is a paradise on earth for the variety and beauty of its landscape. It’s the ideal place to go to if you love outdoor activities: you will find great outbursts in hiking, trekking, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing. Ideal for adults and children, it’s among the most beautiful Italian islands for the variety and quantity of beautiful beaches, such as Padulella, with its emerald green waters, or the Laconella, a bay that will make you understand paradise should be. Even Elba has a respectable wine tradition, with a list of DOC wines from the major Italian producing regions, which are to die for. Relax and tastings go hand in hand, so enjoy them at the end of a day to discover the places of Napoleon, who gave a lot to the island, building the Teatro dei Vigilanti, the first in Elba. Also worthy of a visit are Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino, the Emperor’s residences, and the Foresian Art Gallery, which is teeming with relics and objects from the Napoleonic era.

Carolina Attanasio

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