Hiking in Italy
22 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Hiking in Italy, the secrets for an adventurous journey

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«Mountain excursions and hiking are the symbol of sport, even the extreme ones, accompanied by the typical relaxation of clean air. Read on to find out the best palces where to go hiking in Italy.»

Hiking in the mountains. Or even better: hiking in Italy! Without a doubt this is the best way to spend a holiday or even a simple weekend in contact with nature, keeping fit even with a lot of movement. Spring, summer or autumn: thanks to the fabulous landscape that the many Italian regions offer us, you will be spoiled for choice.

Among the best places where to go hiking in Italy we recommend the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest Italian national park, located between Valle D’Aosta and Piedmont. King Vittorio, to name one, often went to the Gran Paradiso reserve, usually in August, stopping for two to four weeks. With a good-natured and outgoing character, the King often found himself chatting in the Piedmontese language with the local population. In short, a truly perfect place for all mountain lovers, who can stay in contact with a very varied alpine fauna, also thanks to the many lodges and bivouacs available for mountaineers. At the park there are many paths for adults and children, with the possibility of taking simple walks, but also large crossings and multi-day tours for those who are more trained, such as the Gran Paradiso Grand Tour. It is a mountain excursion you would be crazy to miss.

Among the best excursions in the mountains, which you cannot miss whilst hiking in Italy, is the one that takes us on the Wine Road of the Colli di Candia and Lunigiana, in Tuscany. Even in this case there are many possible itineraries, in a route that passes through the wineries and that makes excursions possible whilst observing the sea, the hills, castles and villages (if you like them do not miss Instaborghi!).

Even horseback excursions are possible, crossing, according to the stages, more or less demanding paths. In the latter category the route to Monte Brugiana is included, a rather demanding trail that goes into the Valle del Frigido, continuing along an ancient mule track towards the town, produced on the southern slopes of the homonymous mountain. Or, still remaining on the theme of mountain excursions, from Carrara you can get through the path to the marble quarries praised by Michelangelo, who chose in these lands the block on which the David was sculpted. From a culinary point of view there is no shortage of delicacies of different nature: bread, salami, the honey of Lunigiana PDO, all accompanied by the prized wines of the area, such as Candia dei Colli Apuani DOC, Vermentino, Albarola, Vermentino nero, Pollera and many others.

To conclude, among the best excursions in the mountains you can find whilst hiking in Italy, we have the path towards the Selvaromana Valley in Abruzzo, a path as beautiful as it is demanding, in which the main difficulty is represented by length and poor visibility. The main activity that is practiced, as easily understood, is trekking, characterized by several very demanding routes. The crossing of the path, in fact, given the very slippery terrain, is carried out with the help of some ropes, which will bring you step by step in front of the imposing mountain of Ugni. If you are lucky, at the foot of this mountain, you can also meet some chamois that runs freely; then proceed in the direction of the humps of Selvaromana, until you reach a concrete structure connected to the aqueduct. The road continues until you get back into the woods, with the path that returns here being very visible, at least until the junction with the main track. So take the map and start studying: hiking in Italy, in fact, is a truly unique experience.

Argia Renda

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