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21 June 2018   •   Snap Italy

Famous Neapolitan songs: Snap Italy’s top 10!

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«They represent an inestimable artistic heritage all over the world and their melodies still haunt thousands of lovers today, striking the heart of those who are listening to them. These are the famous Neapolitan songs, which we have collected in an unmissable top 10.»

The protagonist of an unstoppable success, Neapolitan music is conquering a slice of the market that is becoming increasingly widespread, approaching a wide and varied audience. In addition to the songs of the popular tradition, in fact, we find more recent songs, which have led to the success of renowned artists such as Rocco Hunt and Clementino. The older songs, however, still occupy a role of absolute importance in our imagination, making them hits of timeless success. This is why we have compiled a top 10 of famous Neapolitan songs, unforgettable hits that made us laugh, cry and fall in love.

10th place: 99 Posse – Dedicata

Historical Neapolitan band formed in 1991 with the idea of ​​representing the Employees Social Center Autogestito Officina 99. Despite the allegations that many have made against them for the alleged instigation of young people to use drugs, the 99 Posse are still very popular today, as well as their Dedicata, one of the famous Neapolitan songs to listen to over and over again.

9th place: Clementino – Un giorno all’improvviso

Among the contemporary artists of reference, Clementino gave us a rap version of a real “stadium” song, which has driven millions of fans crazy. Not surprisingly, with the extraordinary participation of the Curva A (but more in general of the entire San Paolo stadium), Un giorno all’improvviso became a famous Neapolitan song that everyone, at least once, has at least hummed.

8th place: LIBERATO – Tu t’e Scurdat’ ’e me

Protagonist of an overwhelming success, LIBERATO is the new King of Naples, who with his music managed to enchant an ever-larger audience. To make this artist even more magical, is the mystery of his true identity. This is Tu t’e scurdat’ ’e me, or rather one of the famous Neapolitan songs of the new age!

7th place: Rocco Hunt – Invece no

«La mia scimmia sulla spalla fa spavento a Gabbani/Il mio karma non è occidentale, muori domani/Déjà vu, penso più alle case che alle views/Vedo il futuro e tu non ci sei più/Ho sempre il modo di pisciarvi in testa/Dall’underground fino alla tua festa». These are just some of the invectives that Rocco Hunt has addressed, with this single, the former winner in the race in the edition of Sanremo 2017. There are also attacks on Selvaggia Lucarelli, but what remains is still one of the famous Neapolitan (or better from Campania songs) that each of us, at least once, has hummed.

6th place: Emiliana Cantone – Questione ’e core

Neapolitan, born in 1988, Emiliana Cantone is an artist in continuous ascent, who currently has two records and several distinguished collaborations, including Gianni Celeste, La Pina and Tony Marciano “O re del Vesuvio”. Questione ‘e Core is a great Neapolitan song you should definitely check out.

5th place: Franco Ricciardi ft. Ivan Granatino – A’ storia ’e Maria

Keep these names in mind: Ivan Granatino and Franco Ricciardi, although the latter deserves a clarification. In fact, Franco Ricciardi is none other than the artistic name of Francesco Liccardo. Of course we will hear about him for long, although the success of the TV series Gomorra has already brought him to the homes of millions of Italians.

4th place: Gianluca Capozzi – Sai

First extracted from the album La metà di una viaggioSai is the song that saw the success of  Gianluca Capozzi, a young artist at the center the Neapolitan music scene. Whilst listening to it, you can immerse yourself completely in a current Naples, where an Italian melodic style is accompanied by a new melody, certainly more sought after. It is precisely the most electronic melodies to represent a flagship for music in the narrow streets of Naples. Gianluca Capozzi is the example, as well as the aforementioned LIBERATO.

3rd place: Gigi D’Alessio – La prima stella

Presented at the Sanremo Festival 2017, the first extract from the twenty-third studio album. It is a passage that describes the maturity of what perhaps most represented a myth for the city of Naples and beyond. We’re talking about Gigi D’Alessio, and this is La prima stella, one of the most popular Neapolitan songs of the last period.

2nd place: Nino D’Angelo – Pop Corn e Patatine

It is the soundtrack of the homonymous comedy that saw Nino, a young boy, struggling with love during the summer after graduation exams. In 1985 Nino D’Angelo is the protagonist of the story directed by Mauriano Laurenti, with Pop Corn e Patatine that becomes at the same time a Made in Naples hit pop of the ’80s!

1st place: Pino Daniele – Napule è

Out of honor and respect, the first place on our list of the most famous Neapolitan songs goes to the artist who tragically left us too soon: Pino Daniele. Therefore, the emblematic voice of this city, so deep and full of unforgettable contradictions, could not be missing from the top of our Top 10. The opening track to his debut album Terra Mia (1977), Napule è, more than a song, is real poetry.

Silvia Pompi

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