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Best places to get married in Italy: 5 locations for a dream wedding

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«A dream wedding is the desire of many couples, but the choice of the location is not always easy. We decided to give you some advice, selecting the best places to get married in Italy. Read here.»

It’s known that marriage is one of the most important events for the life of a man and a woman. It is an unforgettable day, full of photos, videos and memories of all kinds. A dream wedding is the result of months of preparation, of important choices for which you often don’t pay attention to expenses. On the other hand we get married only once in a lifetime! The location is undoubtedly one of the determining factors for a successful marriage, but choosing one of the best places to get married in Italy is not easy. There are those who want a fairytale ceremony, those who opt for something different, original; then there are those who do not care and who, on the other hand, do not need some kind of party to show their love. For this reason we wanted to draw up a ranking of five of the best places to get married in Italy!

La Posta Vecchia (Polo Laziale, Rome)

Let’s start from Lazio. La Posta Vecchia is an old 17th century villa with timeless charm, overlooking the sea and at a short distance from Rome. For your dream wedding here you have the ancient villa, the restaurant The Cesar, the terrace overlooking the sea, lots of space in the park, plus three charming halls on the ground floor. And if you want to host your guests, the Posta Vecchia also offers the possibility to book the 19 rooms, which can accommodate up to 40 people. For those who decide to celebrate the bachelorette or bachelorette party in the same place as the marriage, this location offers the opportunity to relax in the small and intimate LPV Health & Beauty .

La Posta Vecchia, certainly, is one of the best places to get married in Italy. Sea, starry sky, charm of an aristocratic dwelling and the natural beauties that create an enchanting atmosphere. To make the wedding day truly unforgettable, the ideal is to rent a private villa. In this way, the elegant halls of the hotel, the restaurant with the charming terrace overlooking the sea, the elegant and luxurious rooms, the indoor pool and even the beauty club will be available only for newlyweds and guests. To all this is added the professionalism of the hotel staff, who provide a wedding planner to be the only one to experience the stress due to the organization of the marriage. The latter will take care of planning everything from the rooms, to the menu, to the flowers, to the organization of music and tables.

Castello Odescalchi (Bracciano, Rome)

We’re still in Lazio, but this time in Bracciano, a town a few kilometers from Rome, where there’s a wonderful castle. Let’s talk about the Odescalchi Castle, one of the most beautiful and impressive Renaissance residences in Europe. The castle is a museum open to the public every day, all year round; it’s an ideal destination for guided tours, school trips, educational workshops, but also aunique location for a dream wedding. Elegant rooms and enchanting gardens are offered by the Castle, together with an extraordinary variety of spaces of various kinds, perfect for hosting an intimate ceremony or a big event for up to a thousand people.

It’s possible to celebrate both the ceremony and the reception inside the castle. For both we offer different locations, each more or less suited to the tastes of the couple. The ceremony can be celebrated in the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, connected to the castle by an evocative tunnel, which is traveled by the bride while the other guests enter the aisle walking through the medieval village; in the Granary, surrounded by the greenery of the garden and the park below; in the Garden of the Granary, ample green and luxuriant space, or in the Armerie, fascinating place marked by stone arches that projects guests back in time. After the ceremony, even for the reception the choice is varied. There is the secret Garden, a classic Italian garden that enchants guests with its breathtaking view of Lake Bracciano; the Sala dei Cesari, an elegant and refined environment; the Court of Honor, a large paved area; the Armerie, a singular and very suggestive environment and, finally, the Sala del pozzo and the ancient kitchens, an ideal place to end the wedding with an after-dinner of unique charm.

“It has been chosen as a venue for glamorous weddings by many couples in recent years, leaving newlyweds and guests speechless.”

The Castle, in addition to its extraordinary scenarios, provides the bride and groom with the creativity, assistance and experience of its entire staff and of its consolidated partners in every phase of the organization of the event. Flowers, lights, furniture, music; everything is taken care of in the smallest detail.


La Cervara (Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa)

We now move to Liguria, precisely to Santa Margherita Ligure, municipality of Genoa. The location in question is the Abbey of Cervara, also known as San Girolamo at Monte di Portofino. It’s a religious complex, overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Tigullio. The origins of the monastic complex date back to 1361. In 1912 the entire complex was declared a National Monument by King Vittorio Emanuele III. The current owners, after having acquired the complex, have begun a radical restoration, which returned to the Abbey of Cervara its ancient splendor. By the owners’ will, it is possible to visit the entire complex from March to October, during the first and third Sunday of each month.

This magnificent example of religious architecture is an ideal place for all couples who wish to celebrate their dream wedding in the unique setting of the Ligurian Riviera. At the Abbey of Cervara it’s possible to celebrate weddings both with religious and civil rites. In the first case, the wedding can be celebrated inside the abbey church; in the second, instead, you can use the spaces of the complex or the magnificent garden overlooking the sea. Thanks to the great variety of environments available, this location is also perfect for receptions.

The 16th century cloister is ideal for welcoming guests, while the Corte del Glicine or the magnificent space overlooking the Gulf of Portofino is suitable for an aperitif. Lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in the Garden of Gardenias or in the Gallery of the Emperors. The owners of the complex make available to the spouses a series of services to optimally organize every aspect of the wedding day: catering service, floral decorations, decoration of rooms and tables, musical accompaniment and a professional photographer. Moreover, for the spouses, there is the possibility of spending their first night of love in one of the eight comfortable rooms created within the complex.


Villa Pizzo (Cernobbio, Como)

We now move to Lake Como, and we present this beautiful Villa, built between the villages of Cernobbio and Moltrasio. It has a very important historical past, it is built on a point and fully visible only from the lake. The architecture of the residence is characterized by great linearity. The garden that extends to the level of the two main buildings, the manor house and another building, is organized in Italian style, with neat alleys that run between flowerbeds, hedges and baroque fountains. Everywhere avenues and paths intersect creating an arabesque that takes place between bridges, pools of water and streams. In the middle of the park there is a fountain in honor of Volta, surrounded by the false ruins of a classical temple.

The charm of a house rich in tradition combined with the prestige of the aristocracy that has made the history of Lake Como, make this location one of the best places to get married in Italy. All of this is enclosed in the 16th century villa and in the immensity of its enchanting Italian garden, between avenues of ancient trees and breathtaking views. It is a dwelling that acts as a setting for events characterized by refinement and quietness.  In short, Villa Pizzo is one of the best places to get married in Italy.


Santa Rosa Monastery (Conca dei Marini, Salerno)

Moving to the south, we arrive at the Santa Rosa Monastery. We’re in Conca dei Marini, near Salerno. There isn’t a place as charming as this. An ancient monastery perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. It also has a small chapel of the 12th century in the garden overlooking the blue, where you say the fateful “yes, I do”.

17th-century complex set in a splendid position between Positano and Amalfi, the Santa Rosa Monastery is a timeless place, magnificently overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, with its beautiful flower gardens and the Infinity pool resting on the horizon, from where you can capture the magic of the sunset. For the celebrations, an aperitif on board the infinity pool – considered the most spectacular of the Amalfi coast – and lunch or dinner at the restaurant Il Refettorio, with products at zero km. The culinary proposals are really special. The cuisine of the famous Chef Christoph Bob is, in fact, an innovative Mediterranean gastronomic experience, able to satisfy the most demanding palates, and which only uses the freshest local ingredients.

In short, Santa Rosa Monastery is an ideal location for a dream wedding and one of the best places to get married in Italy. And for the newlyweds, the monastery also offers 20 rooms and suites, created from the former cells where the nuns resided, an ideal retreat for the first wedding night or for the  Honeymoon. The highlight of the structure is the “Sunset Terrace” , the highest point of the Monastery. It offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Salerno and the bay of Amalfi, a place where any love can blossom.

What are you waiting for? Take the phone and book in one of the best places to get married in Italy


Chiara Rocca

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